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5/25/20151. A Just Perfect Proposal 5/25/20153 INCREASE SALES AND REVENUE.

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1 5/25/20151

2 A Just Perfect Proposal


4 Limited seated auction How it works User buys a voucher of R50 to R500 R50 voucher valid for any purchase above R600 R500 voucher valid for any purchase above R5 500 Gets emailed automatically to user with instruction on how to redeem it on the ecommerce site User gets FREE entry in limited seated auction (based on voucher value) Once all seats are sold auction is scheduled to start Email & SMS gets sent to alert registered users Last bidder wins auction and pays final bid price

5 5/25/20155 Auction Prize is paid by voucher purchase and added revenue comes from final bidding price Voucher sold, increase sales on ecommerce site and user never loses money No risk and effective cost per acquisition for ecommerce site as well as boosting sales The built database allows a retention through marketing campaigns on new products, sales from Matrix online store User always wins and never loses Risk Free Double the revenue Increase sales Longevity of benefits

6 R100 voucher gets free entry in car auction (R100,000) Limited to 2 000 entries ROI of minimum 100% GUARANTEED (R100,000) Only 1 vehicle auction per 60 days will cover all costs Additional daily auction of products will generate all net profit Boost of online sales through vouchers for ecommerce site Revenue

7 Once off Set up Fee (8 to 10 weeks): - Auction website set up and software implementation - Custom design & fully branded website - Development & implementation cost: R95,000 excl. VAT once off Monthly licensing, hosting & maintenance fees: - Voucher system with automated entry allocation on purchase - Payment gateway implementation - 24/7 updates, monitoring & maintenance of servers - Seated auction platform with over 30 features / buy now - Admin interface cost: R49,900/month excl. VAT + 5.5% royalty fee above R1 Million Revenue exc. VAT Once off setup fee & monthly licensing cost

8 5/25/20158 369 Rivonia Boulevard Rivonia, 2128 Office: 011 234 2332 Mobile: 074 110 1011 Get started Now! Need Information?

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