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DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-33 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ITU-T AGENDA ITEM:2.1 ITU-T IPTV GSI Standards and IPTV Forums/Consortia.

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1 DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-33 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ITU-T AGENDA ITEM:2.1 CONTACT(S) ITU-T IPTV GSI Standards and IPTV Forums/Consortia Activities Chaesub Lee and Yushi Naito* Chairman of SG13 and SG16* ITU-T Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

2 Highlight of Current Activities 2  ITU-T has taken leadership role in collaborative approach to developing global IPTV standards over past years Based on the deliverables of ITU-T PTV Focus Group, ITU-T SGs are collaboratively developing set of standards organizing IPTV GSI  JCA-IPTV is coordinating between SGs and SDOs, and as a result, there has been generally good collaboration with many regional standards development organizations (ATIS IIF, ETSI TISPAN, DVB Project, IETF, etc.) to build on existing IPTV related specifications and address gaps in IPTV standards.

3  The First ITU-T IPTV Interoperability Event and Showcase successfully took place in ITU in Geneva: 20 - 23 July 2010 Eight organizations from across 3 continents took part Conformity and interoperability tested on ITU-T Recommendations, including H.701 (error-recovery), H.721 (IPTV terminal), H.740 (audience measurement), H.750 (metadata), H.761 (ginga-NCL), H.762 (lightweight interactive multimedia), H.770 (service discovery) Over IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity 3 Highlight of Current Activities

4 ITU-T Recommendations for IPTV 4 Geneva, 13-16 July 2009 IPTV Multimedia Application and End System (H.700-799 Series) IPTV Terminal H.720-729 Middleware H.730-739 Multimedia App. Framework H.760-769 IPTVQoE/QoS IPTV General Y.1901 Service Req Y.1910 IPTV Functional Arch Y.sup5 (Service use case) H.720 Overview J.702 Legacy H.721 Basic ITF J.703: IPTV Client Control Q.3040 (signaling arch) H.IPTV-DSMW Distributed MW J.701 Broadcast MW H.IPTV-WBTM Web-based MW G.1080 IPTV QoE G.1081 Performance Monitoring G.1083 (PM parameter) G.IPTV-PMMM (PM measurement) H.700 (IPTV Overview) H.763.1: CSS H.750 Metadata H.701 (content error-recovery) IPTV Content Protection X.1911 req & arch for security X.iptvsec-2 (secure transcode) X.iptvsec-3 (Key mngmnt) H.770: Service discovery H.IPTV-TDES.4 Mobile Terminal Network Y.iptv-netcontrol-fw (net conrol framework) Y.iptv-netcontrol-arc (net control arch) Y.IPTV-TM (traffic mngmnt) Y.iptvintwrm (interworking) AP Event handling H.740-749 H.740 AP Event handling H.IPTV-AM Audience Measurement Home Network H.622.1 (Home NW) H.IPTV-RM (HN Remote Mgmt) H.IPTV-NGN-RM (NGN based HW) H.IPTV-ProComp: Profiles and Compliance H.761: Ginga-NCL H.762: LIME H.IPTV-MAFR6:MHEG-5 Red descriptions implies recent achievements

5 Following new work items are initiated:  Mobile IPTV Mobile Security (SEG17), Mobile Network (SG13), Mobile IPTV Terminal MW(SG16),  3-Dimensional IPTV SG16: Collaboration with EBU, DVB, etc.  Internet-Sourced Content SG16: Collaboration with ATIS-IIF  Harmonization of Broadcast/IPTV Signals SG9 and SG16: Collaboration with EBU New work items

6 Strategic Direction  ITU-T IPTV GSI management and members need to communicate with IPTV Consortia/Forums to identify potential for industry confusion/market fragmentation if standards are misaligned/overlapping.  Need to ensure consistent set of IPTV architecture/interfaces and requirements  Need to address the needs of market and consumers in a consistent way – through standards 6

7 7 Geneva, 13-16 July 2009  Some Industry Consortia/Forums continue to work “outside” the standards bodies, with little/no action to collaborate or align activities. E.g. the Open IPTV Forum develops documents often quoted as “standards”, but with no reference/collaborations with ITU-T IPTV GSI activities. MultiServices Forum (MSF) has work on IPTV architecture and interoperability testing, in collaboration with ATIS IIF, but independent of ITU-T IPTV FG/GSI initiatives. IPTV Forums being set up in other countries  Result is industry confusion which IPTV standards to follow ! Challenges

8 8 Geneva, 13-16 July 2009  Formed over a year ago to promote IPTV technology by several companies, mostly members of GSC involved SDOs.  Mandate includes collaboration with standards organizations, but there was no engagement with ITU-T IPTV FG or GSI activities. ITU-T Recommendations are not even referenced (E.g. Recs. Y. 1910, 1901, J. 700, H.700 series etc.) Open IPTV Forum architecture/interfaces and terminology not aligned with ITU-T Recs. ( Challenges - Open IPTV Forum Issue

9 9 Geneva, 13-16 July 2009  ITU-T is organizing 2 nd and 3 rd IPTV Interoperability Events: Singapore, 20-27 Sept. 2010 India, 13-17 December 2010  Joint Work with MPEG (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11) on Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT) First Joint meeting (electronic) was held in April 2010 with contributions from various organizations First face to face joint meeting held during SG 16 meeting in July 2010 in Geneva. An ad-hoc meeting with IEC with participants from MPEG on Rights Information Interoperability (RII) in January 2010 in Kyoto Next Steps/Actions

10 GSC Resolution 6: “IPTV Standards”  ITU proposes to reaffirm the Resolution 10

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