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DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-11 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:TTA AGENDA ITEM:Plenary 4.8 TTA activities since GSC14 Keun Hyeob LEE, TTA President.

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1 DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-11 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:TTA AGENDA ITEM:Plenary 4.8 CONTACT(S) TTA activities since GSC14 Keun Hyeob LEE, TTA President Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

2 Highlight of Current Activities  Since GSC-14 Established 424 standards  344 New, 80 Revised, 19 Abolished Established 4 New Project Groups;  Cloud Computing, 3DTV, e-Publishing, u-Navigation Accredited 41 Fora  9 New, 4 Merged, 9 Nullified 2

3 Highlight of Current Activities (2)  IMT-Advanced Proposed 2 candidate Radio Interface Technology(RIT) for IMT-Advanced to ITU-R WP5D (Oct. ‘09)  IMT-ADV/7 : Candidate submission from IEEE  IMT-ADV/8 : Candidate submission from 3GPP Submitted 4 reports for IMT-Advance candidate technology (TTA PG707 : Independent Evaluation Group for ITU-R)  Two preliminary evaluation report (Feb. ’10) (5D/652) 3GPP LTE Release 10 & beyond (LTE-Advanced), (5D/653) Based on IEEE 802.16  Two final evaluation reports (Jun. ‘10) (5D/739) 3GPP LTE Release 10 & beyond (LTE-Advanced) (5D/740) Based on IEEE 802.16 3

4 Highlight of Current Activities (3)  IPTV Signed an MoU between TTA and Korean IPTV Service Providers (Dec. ‘09) for developing standard for adoption of domestic IPTV services  1st stage of agreement (Mar. ‘10) Published “IPTV Middleware”, “IPTV interchangeable CAS(iCAS)” and “IPTV Closed Captioning” by TTA IPTV PG(PG219) 4

5 Highlight of Current Activities (4)  Cloud Computing Established Cloud Computing Project Group (Jan. ’10)  Work Scope includes; Cloud Computing Service terminology and its framework QoS and Related Security, Platform Interoperability Cloud Computing Service models and reference models  3DTV Established 3DTV Project Group (Jan. ’10)  Established 2 Working Groups and completed Stereoscopic Video Coding and 3D Video-related Information ( Mar. ’10) 5

6 Highlight of Current Activities (5)  Future Network Published 9 domestic standards including “Future Internet: Terminology” (TTA Future Internet PG) Developing three technical specifications in ITU-T FG- FN;  Future Network (FN): vision, concept, and requirements  Framework of Network Virtualization  Identifiers and Identification processes in Future Networks Also developing “Future Networks : Problem statement and requirements” standards in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6 6

7 Next Steps/Actions  IMT-Advanced Actively perform the proponent’s role for 2 candidate technologies in compliance with the time schedule of ITU-R  3DTV Complete basic TTA 3DTV interface specifications by 2012 in parallel with 3DTV international standardization (ATSC, ITU-R SG6) 7

8 Next Steps/Actions (2)  Future Network Standardization of “Future Network (FN): vision, concept, and requirements” and “Framework of Network Virtualization” by 2011 at ITU-T  Cloud Computing Develop “Requirement of Cloud Computing Service” by 2011 Participate in ITU-T FG on Cloud Computing to meet, support and achieve Focus Group’s objectives 8

9 Next Steps/Actions (3)  IPTV Develop and Publish 4 standards for 2 nd stage of MoU  IPTV terminal device (overview and basic model)  IPTV terminal provisioning procedure  IPTV Contents Guide Information and Transport  IPTV Service Discovery and Transport Timeline  Develop standards by June 2010  Publish standards by September 2010  Adoption of standards by the IPTV service providers by November 2010 9

10 Supplementary Slides 10

11 - TTA Standardization Committee- 11 ) Technical Committees (TC) Project Groups (PG) Technical Assembly (TA) Coordination Committee (CC) Coordination Committee (CC) Future Internet, NGN, IPTV, etc. Telecommunication(TC2) WGs NGN Evolution, etc Telematics/ITS, LBS, WPAN, etc. Radio Communication (TC3) ZigBee/WPAN, etc u-Health, Multimedia, etc. IT Application (TC4) Grid Accounting, etc Cloud Computing*, Cyber Security, etc. Information Security (TC5) DRM Interworking, etc Web, e-Publishing*, u-Navigation*, etc. Infra Software (TC6) Mobile Web, etc. IMT-2000 Evolution, etc. Mobile Communication (TC7) Radio Access, etc 3D TV*, DMB, Digital TV, etc. Broadcasting (TC8) DMB, etc 19 17 12 3 3 14 5 16 7 12 6 5 7 6 Strategy Planning Committee (SPC) Strategy Planning Committee (SPC) ICT & CC, etc 2 (as of June 2010) * Newly Established in 2010 59 73

12 New(9) O2N(Object to Object Network) Forum Korea, Future Internet Forum, PES( Personal Environment Service) Forum, e-Navigation Corresponding Strategy Forum, Smart Grid ICT Convergence Forum, Open Digital Publication Forum, Virtual World Technology StandardizationForum UX/RIA Standardization Forum Mobile Linux Forum Merged(4) IPv6 Forum Korea DRM Forum Mobile Convergence Solution Forum Datacenter Technology Forum - Strategic Fora Update- Nullified(9) VoIP Forum Korea Wireless Internet Standardization Forum Korea Biometric Association Spectrum Engineering Forum Media Independent Handover Technical Standardization Forum Electronic Commerce Integrated Forum OMG Software Technology Standard Forum Korea Digital Identity Management Forum u-Health Forum

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