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DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-08 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ISACC AGENDA ITEM:Opening Plenary (4.5) CONTACT(S):Jim MacFie ISACC Activities Since GSC-14 Jim MacFie.

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Presentation on theme: "DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-08 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ISACC AGENDA ITEM:Opening Plenary (4.5) CONTACT(S):Jim MacFie ISACC Activities Since GSC-14 Jim MacFie."— Presentation transcript:

1 DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-08 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ISACC AGENDA ITEM:Opening Plenary (4.5) CONTACT(S):Jim MacFie ISACC Activities Since GSC-14 Jim MacFie Chairman, ISACC Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

2 ISACC Activities  ISACC 41 st Plenary, November 5 th 2009 on the theme Next Generation Networks  ISACC 42 nd Special Plenary, March 16 2010 to review the results of the IPv6 Task Group  ISACC 43 rd Plenary, May 6 2010 on the theme Cloud Computing  Successful outcomes from Plenaries where ISACC has provided strategic directions to industry and government: National Committee on Identity Management IPv6 Task Group 2

3  Legacy network is pushed to the limits of its capabilities  Convergence is becoming more and more important to service providers, network operators and consumers  Must support present/future intrusive, bandwidth intensive, machine-to-machine, etc. applications, coupled with affordability and availability  Standards play a vital role, among others, to ensure interoperability, nationally and internationally  Need for cooperation/coordination among SDOs to avoid duplication of work 41st Plenary – Next Generation Networks Progress to Date and Evolution 3

4  Background Participants at ISACC 40 approved the creation of a Task Group on IPv6 deployment due to the perception that Canada was trailing other nations in regards to IPv6 A Task Group was formed with over 50 participants from the private and public sectors 15 meetings were held, face-to-face and via teleconference  The IPv6 Task Group Final Report was presented, discussed and approved at ISACC 42, a Special Plenary called for this purpose  The full report can be found at 4 42nd Plenary IPv6 Task Group Final Report

5  R.1: Canadian governments of all levels (e.g. federal, provincial, territorial, regional, municipal) shall plan for IPv6 migration and specify IPv6 support in their IT procurements immediately  R.2: Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) shall accelerate the deployment and the commercial availability of IPv6 services for business and consumer networks  R.3: Canadian internet content and application service providers shall make their content and applications reachable using IPv6  R.4: Canadian industries in all sectors shall intensify the support of IPv6 on all products that include a networking protocol stack  R.5: Canadian industry and governments shall establish a Center of Excellence to increase IPv6 awareness in Canada, by offering training and education, advice and the sharing of best practices  R.6: Governments at all levels shall review current programs to ensure eligibility of IPv6 initiatives and evaluate the creation of specific programs to enable Canadian industry to take full advantage of global IPv6 markets  R.7: The CRTC shall ensure that relevant telecommunications and broadcasting decisions and policies support IPv6 deployment 5 IPv6 Task Group Recommendations:

6  Topic gaining significant momentum in the public and private sectors over last couple of years  May change, in radical terms, how the ICT sector operates for users, service providers and developers  Good fit for the “ICT and the environment” agenda  Issues involving privacy, security, interoperability, QoS and other potential impediments remain among the top from users’ perspectives 6 43nd Plenary – Cloud Computing

7 Cloud Computing Actions  ISACC recognizes the promise of cloud computing  ISACC perceives some potential policy impediments that must be addressed if cloud is to achieve its full potential, for example: Forensic data investigation and rules of evidence requirements Audit requirements Privacy and security requirements Regulatory status of cloud service offerings National sovereignty  ISACC 43 rd Plenary on cloud computing recommended the formation of a Rapporteur Group to develop Canadian positions on these policy issues  ISACC is supportive of collaborative efforts among GSC Members on cloud computing 7

8  Objectives: Ensure consistent Canadian input to International Standards activities of ISO, IEC, JTC 1 and ITU Ensure Canadian inputs in policy fora, e.g. APEC, OECD, are consistent with international standards positions Ensure other standards activities, e.g. OASIS, OpenID, in which Canada participates are also consistent  Three subgroups: SG 1 - Terms and Definitions, Taxonomy SG 2 - Identity of a Person SG 3 - Frameworks and Architectures 8 National Committee on Identity Management

9  Progress to date Provided Canadian agreed input to the development of ITU-T X.1252 Obtained Translation Bureau input into the Terms and Definitions development Initiated development of a Canadian IdM Road Map Initiated development of consistent Canadian IdM Concepts  Future actions Continue development of Terms and Definitions, where necessary Refine and finalize Canadian IdM Concepts Complete the Canadian IdM Road Map Develop the Canadian IdM Taxonomy Develop the architecture and frameworks Develop necessary guidance documents Develop briefs where required  See the companion ISACC contribution, Progress on Identity Management, for more in-depth information 9 National Committee on Identity Management (cont’d)

10 ISACC Documents for GSC-15  ISACC Opening Plenary Presentation  Contribution Progress on Identity Management: A Canadian Perspective on GSC Resolution 14/4  Contribution Cloud Computing  Contribution Smart Grids Standards Coordination  Contribution Conformance and Interoperability Testing  Revised Resolution Broadband Services in Rural and Remote Areas  Revised Resolution Telecommunications/ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities  Revised Resolution Continuing Cooperation on IMT Standardization  Revised Resolution Identity Management  Revised Resolution Cybersecurity  Revised Resolution Interoperability  New Resolution Cloud Computing  New Resolution Smart Grids  ADMIN WG Contribution GSC Plenary Contributions 10

11 Next Steps  44th ISACC Plenary – November 4, 2010 Theme: Smart Grids  For additional information please visit: 11

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