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Japan Learns from China and Korea

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1 Japan Learns from China and Korea

2 Early Japanese Society
Early Japanese society received little influence from the rest of Asia But, by the 500s, Japanese leaders started sending people to China and Korea to learn more about their cultures

3 Changes in Language Early Japan had no written language
Japan borrowed Chinese as a written language Chinese characters represented Japanese sounds

4 Language The rich and educated learned to write in Chinese
Chinese was the official language of Japan’s government

5 Religion and Philosophy
Remember Shinto? It originated in Japan Shinto is Japan’s traditional religion Shinto is the worship of nature spirits, called kami

6 Religion and Philosophy
One of the most influential leaders to bring Chinese ideas to Japan was Prince Shotoku Prince Shotoku was a regent- a person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule

7 Religion and Philosophy
Prince Shotoku sent scholars to China- they brought back Confucianism What two principles did Confucius teach? Japanese families began to live by the rules of Confucianism

8 Religion and Philosophy
Korea introduced Buddhism to Japan People knew about Buddhism, but many still wanted to practice Shinto

9 Religion and Philosophy
Prince Shotoku was Buddhist- he worked to make Buddhism popular in Japan He even built a Buddhist temple that still stands today

10 Government Villages in Japan were ruled by clan chiefs
What is a clan? One clan, the Yamamotos, became powerful by conquering other clans They called themselves the emperors of Japan The son and grandson of Japan’s current emperor

11 Government Prince Shotoku wanted Japan’s emperors to be powerful, like China’s But, the clans didn’t agree As a result, Japan’s emperors gained little power

12 Review Questions True or False- Japan is made up of mountains, volcanoes and flat coastal plains

13 Review Questions How did Japan’s location both separate it from and tie it to China and Korea? Hint

14 Review Question What is a clan?

15 Review Questions What two religions did Prince Shotoku help spread in Japan?

16 Review Question The influence of China and Korea on Japan’s early history, culture and development is found in all of the following except Japan’s first writing system The traditional Japanese diet Early rules for family behavior The practice of Buddhism

17 Review Question What is a regent?



20 Changes in Language ___________________________________________________

21 Religion and Philosophy

22 Government __________________________________
The son and grandson of Japan’s current emperor

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