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China’s influence in Japan, Korea and Vietnam. China’s Influence on Japan - Art  China influenced the art in Japan by:  They used brushes on paper.

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1 China’s influence in Japan, Korea and Vietnam


3 China’s Influence on Japan - Art  China influenced the art in Japan by:  They used brushes on paper to create paintings.  They used calligraphy – the art of beautiful writing.  They practiced flower arranging – an art learned from Buddhist monks.

4 Japanese Painting Create a sample of Japanese art – using paint and brushes on paper create your own version of Japanese art. Use the following examples of real art as the base for your art.

5 China’s Influence on Japan - Architecture  The architecture of China influenced Japan.  They built beautiful landscapes – specially designed gardens.  They wanted to show the beauty of nature.  This was a style they learned from the Buddhist monks.

6 China’s Influence on Japan - Language  Japan used the Chinese alphabet as the basis for their alphabet.  Hiragana and Kanji are the names for the Japanese alphabet.

7 China’s Influence on Japan - Religion  Japan’s original religion was called Shinto.  Buddhism was introduced to Japan around 500 AD.  It was very popular and changed the Japanese culture.  Most people practiced Buddhism mixed with Shinto.

8 China’s Influence on Japan - Government  Japan’s government was influenced by China.  In China the ideas of Confucianism were the basis for their civil service exam. This exam was required to get a job with the government.  In Japan, they took the same ideas of loyalty and respect to establish their Seventeen-Article Constitution.  These were the guidelines for all Japanese leaders to follow.

9 China’s Influence on Japan - Trade  Japan sent people to China to learn their culture.  Japan’s leader Shotoku even opened an embassy (an office of one country’s government in another country) in China.  From China, Japan learned art, religion, government and other things that affected their culture.

10 North Korea South Korea

11 China’s Influence on Korea - Art  Korea adopted the art of pottery making from China.  They are famous for celadon – pottery that has bluish-green glaze.

12 Your version of celadon  Using clay and paint, create your own version of celadon. Celadon is bluish green in color. After you mold your project, paint it the color of celadon. You will have to mix colors together – be careful! You can create any kind of pottery you want, but be sure it’s the right color!

13 China’s Influence on Korea - Architecture  Korean architecture was influenced by China.  They developed irrigation systems to help them bring water to their cities and grow crops.  They built huge temples to honor their gods.  They also built forts and walls to help protect themselves from outside armies.

14 China’s Influence on Korea - Language  In Korea, they originally used the same alphabet as the Chinese.  However, they later changed to their own system of writing called Hangul.  Hangul is made up of 24 letters.

15 China’s Influence on Korea - Religion  Koreans learned two religions from China – Buddhism and Confucianism.  They were introduced to nobles then spread to the rest of the people.

16 China’s Influence on Korea - Government  Korean rulers modeled their government after China’s.  They used the ideas of a civil service – a group of officials employed by the government.  The exam to become a government employee was based on the ideas of Confucianism.  This helped make sure government leaders practiced loyalty and respect.

17 China’s Influence on Korea - Trade  Through trade with China, Korea learned most of its culture.  They learned how to grow rice and how to make paper from the Chinese.

18 Vietnam

19 China’s Influence on Vietnam  The kingdom of Viet was conquered by the Chinese in 111 BC.  The people were forced to adopt Chinese culture.  Many Vietnamese resisted this.

20 China’s Influence on Vietnam – Language  The people in Vietnam were forced to speak Chinese.  They used the Chinese alphabet and language.  In 1600 AD, they were introduced to a western alphabet.  Quoc-ngu – a system of writing based on the western alphabet is currently used in Vietnam.

21 Using Quoc-Ngu write one word using the Quoc- Ngu alphabet on your bookmark. Decorate your bookmark.

22 China’s Influence on Vietnam - Religion  T he Vietnamese were forced to follow the religion of Confucianism and the philosophy of Daoism by the Chinese.

23 China’s Influence on Vietnam - Government  The Vietnamese were forced to accept the rule of China.  In 1939 they set up a separate government with strong central rule.  They called this independent kingdom Dai Viet.

24 China’s Influence on Vietnam - Trade  Because of its location on the sea, Vietnam was a good place for trade.  Chinese soldiers, merchants, and missionaries followed routes through Vietnam.  This brought them many new ideas including religion and agriculture.

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