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Present Perfect Pre-Intermediate Level VY_32_INOVACE_12-13.

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1 Present Perfect Pre-Intermediate Level VY_32_INOVACE_12-13

2  Time is mostly undefined  Focusing on the present result  Relationship between present time and past time  Action that started in the past and have continuied up till now I have lost my keys. I have not seen him today. Usage

3 I we you HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE they she he HAS + PAST PARTICIPLE it Form

4  Declarative sentence S have/has past participle O He has seen this film.  Interrogative sentence Have/has S past participle O Has he seen this film?  Negative sentence S have/has not past participle O. He has not seen this film. Word order

5 since for so far already still just never ever yet recently today this week Time expressions

6 Make past time and past participle go come be meet say tell drink eat have read can do buy write feel Exercise 1

7 Make sentences in present perfect 1.Jane/go/to the cinema. 2.We/wait/for 3 hours. 3.I/be/here/since/December. 4.Meet/you/ever/my sister? 5.Buy/some/already/fruit/I. Exercise 2

8  we use been as past participle of go: somebody has returned He has been to Paris.  We use gone as past participle of go: somebody has not returned He has gone shopping, he is still at the shops. Been/Gone

9 Complete sentences with been/gone 1.Jane is not here. She ……………..out. 2.He………… supermarket. He has bought milk. 3.Are you going to the post office? No, I have already………….there. Exercise

10 Děkuji za pozornost. Autor DUM: Mgr. Gabriela Marchewková

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