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29 Oded Moshe, Director of Product Management Beta Release May 3rd, 2010 Official Release May 24, 2010.

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1 29 Oded Moshe, Director of Product Management Beta Release May 3rd, 2010 Official Release May 24, 2010

2 29 Create contracts with criteria on the level of service you’re obligated to provide to your end-users Set up due dates, routing rules, and any other part of the support agreement that you are required to deliver Measure the quality of support you provide according to best practices Service Level Agreement (SLA) – a new SysAid module Real numbers to measure your service quality SysAid SLA/SLM 2

3 29 SysAid SLA/SLM Receive scores on your admins’ ability to effectively meet their SLAs Manage and analyze your SLAs within a greater context Get an instant visual overview of your key performance indicators in the SLM Manager Dashboard Develop new strategies and create future goals based on your current performance Service Level Management (SLM) – a new SysAid Module Graphical overview to help you achieve new service goals 3

4 29 SysAid Calendar Integrated with the rest of SysAid: all due dates, activities, and software support expiration dates are automatically added to your calendar Easily create your own SysAid Events in the intuitive interface All assignments are automatically synchronized with Microsoft Exchange SysAid Calendar - a new SysAid module Stay on top of your SysAid dates in one place! 4

5 29 Manager Portal New SysAid report building wizard to help you easily create your own customized reports Drill down on a group of service requests in a Dashboard chart to see a detailed list of those service requests New Wizard: Easily Create Your Own Customized Reports! 5

6 29 Previous/Next buttons within the service requests. Easily move between service requests when browsing through a list 3D Helpdesk Matrix view to see horizontal, vertical, and sub-vertical variables Automatically select “assign to” user according to selected admin group Easier to use than ever before – with fewer clicks! Helpdesk 6

7 29 Define a “responsible” admin for every service request who will receive emails when a service request changes Restrict administrators from accessing or editing specific tabs or fields Stay on track with greater permission control Helpdesk 7

8 29 Define support levels per admin group so that each service request has a maximum support level Create different subtypes for an incident. For example: different views and fields for hardware incidents and software incidents Better customization of your helpdesk settings Helpdesk 8

9 29 Real-time notification if SysAid detects the installation of software that’s not on your list of registered software products Pop-up notification if the number of software installations exceeds the number of purchased licenses More notifications to stay in-the-know and in control Asset Management 9

10 29 See which users are logged in to the network in real-time and which computer they’re using Send instant messages to end-users or assets. These broadcasts will pop up on the screen of the logged-in user. Remote control even to a user on a terminal server Instantly connect to your end-users through their assets! Asset Management 10

11 29 Initiate remote control sessions from within a chat conversation Download or upload files via a chat session. Those files will be saved in the chat history Upload your own chat sound effects See when an end-user is typing a response to your message Even more integrated with the rest of SysAid for faster problem-solving SysAid Chat 11

12 29 SysAid Monitoring New tool to monitor incoming and outgoing data Monitor network activity from computers and SNMP devices and view the incoming and outgoing data rate in a graph. Receive notifications if the data rates exceed the thresholds you specify. 12

13 29 SysAid SNMP & Monitoring Major SNMP developments to help you better monitor your network SNMP trapping: receive notifications from a SNMP device. For example, a printer can send a notification when its toner level is low Set your own customized monitoring configurations that can include notifications and graphs. For example: Create your own code that tracks the number of media files on specific workstations. 13

14 29 Customize SysAid like never before! Create an unlimited number of new custom fields Add your own custom trigger events to a form For example: When opening a service request, SysAid can retrieve the USD/EUR exchange rate from Google and automatically add it to your service request SysAid Customization 14

15 29 SysAid API API Enhancements: Integrate SysAid with External Systems API Integration Integrate SysAid with any other application using WSDL. Write your own codes that can query, create, update, a delete SysAid entities. Other Integration Enhancements Multiple outgoing email addresses When sending an email from SysAid, choose the email account you want the message to be sent from MAPI protocol Native integration of SysAid with your Exchange mailing server 15

16 29 ITIL Package Best practices even better! Attach CIs to the related items section of a service requests as well as activities in the Helpdesk and Tasks & Projects Visual indicators in the action items tab to help you monitor the “unapproved” field Better control and editing of Change and Problem templates 16

17 29 Multiple question SysAid Survey Customize and issue multiple survey questions when closing a service request Speed optimization Pages load and refresh much faster! General 17

18 29 Online Aid: An interactive help solution Complete online library of help files Integrated with the SysAid Community to display what other SysAiders have to say and find answers even faster General 18

19 29 General What else? The End-User Portal is now available in 44 languages! The End-User Portal can now be easily translated into any additional language Better visual indicators to show you the mandatory fields in all forms Set different operating hours for different days. Create two working hour segments for the same day. 19

20 29 Be the first to see SysAid 7.0 Beta! Register now as a SysAid Pathfinder Register now to see SysAid 7.0 for yourself! For a complete list of SysAid 7.0’s new features and bug fixes, read the release notes. General 20

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