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29 Oded Moshe, Director of Product Management Beta Release October 19, 2010 Official Release November 9, 2010.

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1 29 Oded Moshe, Director of Product Management Beta Release October 19, 2010 Official Release November 9, 2010

2 29 New Calendar in the End-User Portal SysAid Calendar 2 New calendar shows end-users the request dates and due dates of the service requests theyve submitted as well as all group events Integrated with your help desk so all information is added automatically Create Group Events Create group events for administrators and end-users who will view the events in their respective calendars

3 29 Access a dropdown list of the last 10 items you viewed e.g. assets, service requests, end-users, companies Click on any item in the list for instant access to the pages youve already looked at! New Dropdown List: Recently Viewed Items Faster access than ever to important information Improved Usability 3

4 29 Help Desk A new set of predefined dropdown filters allow you to easily choose the filters that will appear in your help desk list. The expression builder now supports timers e.g. Time to Respond > 15 minutes The expression builder now supports relative due dates e.g. Last seven days, Next seven days, Has passed You can create escalation rules based upon timers e.g. time to respond, time to repair Customization is Easier than Ever! 4

5 29 Disable assets you no longer use and maintain records of their entire service history Initiate an inventory update for any asset from within the asset form More options for even tighter inventory control Asset Management 5

6 29 End-User Portal New customization tool in the GUI helps you easily customize the end-user Submit Service Request form Print service requests directly from the End-User Portal Better usability – for both you and your end-users! 6

7 29 Mobile Application Easily customize the mobile service request form with the fields of your choice There is now support for additional help desk fields e.g. activities Improvements to SysAids mobile application for your iPhone, Blackberry, and Android 7

8 29 Write to your SNMP devices and update their details e.g. change the owner name of a specific printer Create filters for your SNMP queries e.g. query the toner level of your printers only Speed has been optimized so SNMP scanning is faster than ever! Faster and more detailed monitoring of your SNMP devices SysAid SNMP 8

9 29 CI subtypes can have their own customized form view Create multiple CI relationships at once e.g. connect a network printer to all the computers that use it Configuration management made easy CMDB 9

10 29 Create permissions on which administrators can create, modify, and delete Knowledge Base entries Decide which administrators are permitted to create and modify news items Tighter permissions on information sharing Permission Controls 10

11 29 Permission Controls Greater control of admin groups Restrict individual reports per admin group so that admins in these groups cant see or run the restricted reports Choose to hide specific admin groups in service request dropdown lists Create administrator permissions on modifying or viewing CIs according to the CI owner or group 11

12 29 New and improved documentation – access it from anywhere within the software by clicking on the ? icon! New search mechanism to immediately access the topic of your interest Improvements to our online help files Get the info you need to get more out of SysAid! Online Aid 12

13 29 General SLA Management Write custom SQL queries on the measurements lists page to create any custom list you want SysAid Chat Force close chats sessions from within the chat console 13

14 29 Tasks & Projects Create dependencies between tasks to coordinate the order in which tasks of a project must be completed Manager Dashboard In the Report Wizard, combine multiple entities for a completely customized report General 14

15 29 Click hereClick here to read the release notes and download SysAid 7.5! General 15

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