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Advanced Workgroup System. Printer Admin Utility Monitors printers over IP networks Views Sharp and non-Sharp SNMP Devices Provided Standard with Sharp.

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1 Advanced Workgroup System

2 Printer Admin Utility Monitors printers over IP networks Views Sharp and non-Sharp SNMP Devices Provided Standard with Sharp AR-PB2A

3 All SNMP compatible printers are visible Tabs to separate printers by preference Name Model Location Status Hardware Address IP Address Printer Admin Utility Main Window Provides Network Administrators with a quick view status of Sharp & Non-Sharp devices

4 SharpAdmin will display status information on each device based upon Alert page selections. The status page is updated periodically. The refresh rate is user-definable. Paper Low Toner Low Offline Paper Empty Cover Open Toner Empty Paper Jam Printer Error  Online  Printing  Warming Printer Admin Utility Status Window

5 Active Filter Devices Administrator can select the device that they wish to receive continual status. Alert Window The user may customize alert event notification of either pop-up windows and/or sounds. Printer Admin Utility

6 Provides information on selected device Name Location Configuration Status Device Properties Window Marketing Dept. Printer Second Floor Printer Admin Utility

7 Paper Output Window Provides information on Output Devices Default paper destination Output configuration Maximum output tray capacity Current level of output tray Printer Admin Utility

8 Provides information on paper source status Default paper source setting Paper size and type for each tray Maximum paper capacity for each tray Current level of paper for each tray Paper Input Window Printer Admin Utility

9 Provides information on device click count and toner status Total Impressions Copy and print count combined Toner Status OK Toner Low Toner Empty Disposal Toner Status OK Disposal Toner Bottle is full or missing Sharp Resource Window 30,135 Printer Admin Utility

10 Print Admin Utility : Applications and Targets Application: Provides the Administrator with the ability to view printer status and improve product status before the printer goes off-line. Eliminates the need to shift electronic traffic and stops document bottlenecks. Targets: Any large organization with a LAN / WAN and Network Administrator

11 Printer Status Monitor Sharp Status Monitor provides the Desktop user with a simple application for viewing network printer conditions, and reports this information through a user-friendly interface. Sharp Status Monitor will notify the user of the following:  Printer availability  Toner supply  Paper availability and correct size  Job Completion

12 Task Tray Icon Status Monitor always stays in memory and runs in the background after initial application startup Printer conditions are monitored based on Status Monitor settings Sharp Status Monitor information can be accessed from the Task Tray Icon, Tool Bar Printer Status Monitor

13 Display Status Window Help Preferences Tool bar is available for easy access to menu functions Refresh Status Printer Status Monitor

14 Printer list Same function is available by right click on Printer icon in Task Tray or right click on Tool bar Printer Status Monitor

15 Printer Status Stapler Status Paper tray Status Imager configuration Error icon location Door Open Status Window Based upon the clients refresh settings, the status window will provide information on the device The Status Window will automatically pop up if a device error has occurred. Printer Status Monitor

16 Status Icons Low Toner Paper empty The status can ’ t be retrieved Printer error Paper jam Door open Offline Add toner Add paper Add staple Paper OK Printer Status Monitor

17 Status Monitor Utility : Applications and Targets Application: Provides the Desktop (PC) user with the ability to view printer status before the print job is sent. Increases productivity by allowing the user to see if product is on-line and when the print job is complete. Eliminates walking to the printer to check status and waiting for job completion. Targets: Any Desktop user utilizing a LAN.

18 RED Advanced Workgroup Systems: Printing Features Copy Print Scan DNSG Software Our Customers Documents Our Customers Documents

19 RED is an advanced communication system for the network environment for retrieval of counter information and status for the Imager 2000 Series over the Internet. It is an easy-to-use, sophisticated support tool for dealers. RED status and alert E-mails are a function of the AR-PB2A controller board and AR-NC3D. It sends an e-mail message, when a certain event has occurred or sends data on a set time schedule. Remote E-Mail Diagnostics: New Feature

20 Alert Messages (Event Driven) Actions to Trigger Alert  Paper Jam – message will read:!!Misfeed Has Occurred!!  Toner Low – message will read: !!Toner Supply Low!!  Toner Empty – message will read: !!Add Toner!!  Paper Empty – message will read: !!Load Paper!!  Service Required – message will read: !!Call for Service!!  PM Required – message will read: !!Maintenance Required!! Remote E-Mail Diagnostics: New Feature

21 Status Messages (Schedule Driven) The system will send to the mail addresses in the e-mail address list the following information:  Copy Total Count  Printer Total Count  Total Count  Attach Accounting Data Remote E-Mail Diagnostics: New Feature

22 Schedule Driven Communication Settings To send a schedule driven e-mail, the controller checks the ICU on the Imager for the set time. Two separate timers can be set. The timers can be set via the web page.  Timer Settings - Every xx days, Every xx weeks  Web Page – E-Mail Alerts Set-up Page E-Mail Status Set-up Page Remote E-Mail Diagnostics: New Feature

23 The message format will be sent as simple text based e-mail purposely kept simple to that it can be easily localized For Dealer only addresses – the detailed data file will be sent as a file attachment to the e-mail message. Remote E-mail Diagnostics (R.E.D)

24 RED : Applications and Targets Application: Any customer that requires the highest level of internal and external product service support. Provides status and alerts to dealer service so that they can better maintain the device. Provides leasing staff with an easy means of collecting meter readings. Targets: Facilities Management Major Accounts with LAN/WAN Installations Any product that is acquired through CPC / Leasing

25 Sharp Dealer AR-PB2A Software Utility Review Network Administrator Desktop User Sharp Monitor Sharp Print Admin RED Standard Software with AR-PB2A

26 Advanced Workgroup System

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