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Chapters By: Cooper Meurer

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1 Chapters 19-20 By: Cooper Meurer
Scarlet letter Chapters 19-20 By: Cooper Meurer

2 Chapters summary Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale are at the brook in the forest. Hester and Dimmesdale have decided to get on a ship with a crew that Hester has befriended by her needlework. The ship will be leaving for England in four days, the trip will include the three (Hester, Pearl, Dimmesdale). Dimmesdale is still trying to get Pearl to open up to him even though she is not aware that he is her biological father. Pearl is extremely resilient of Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale goes into town to go home in the next chapter. He is greeted by multiple people including an elderly woman who he talks to her about a question she had. Another person the minister runs into is Mistress Hibbens who offers to Dimmesdale that she will be his escort the next time he ventures into the forest. This offer disturbs him, thinking it is the working of the Devil. When Dimmesdale arrives home, Chillingworth is very tempted to tell Dimmesdale that he is Hester’s husband, but seems to not let it happen yet.

3 theme One should not run away from their problems.

4 Romantic or puritan This set of chapters in my opinion is more romantic than puritan because you can see that Dimmesdale is rapidly losing faith because of his sin of adultery.

5 Character Analysis Dimmesdale- Still falling apart because of his sin, but is becoming relieved that he is moving to Europe to start over. Hester- Also excited that she is getting to start over in Europe with Pearl and Dimmesdale . Pearl- Warming up to Dimmesdale, but still very negative acting towards him, she may change when she finds that he is her father.

6 Literary Devices Irony- other than a minister committing adultery, he also is giving up on his strong Puritan faith. Narrative Voice- the Narrator is giving mostly a neutral feel, besides showing that Dimmesdale is falling apart. Symbolism and Color- the sunlight that shines on the scarlet letter as Hester is removing it represents God’s plan that it is coming off. Scarlet is the color of the letter that Hester is finally removing.

7 Activity Write or draw where you would run away to if you were in this situation.

8 Quiz How does Hester know the ship crew?
Has Pearl opened up to Dimmesdale? What color is the letter that’s removed from Hester’s bosom? (Breasts) Does Pearl know that Dimmesdale is her father? Where is the trio running away to?

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