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CHAPTERS 7 AND 8 Miss Emily Miss Sami Miss Sarah.

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1 CHAPTERS 7 AND 8 Miss Emily Miss Sami Miss Sarah

2 CHAPTER 7 SUMMARY Hester Prynne and Pearl are going to Governor Bellingham’s mansion to deliver a pair of gloves and to discuss the rumors of Pearl being taken away from her. On their way there, they are ambushed by a group of children who fling mud at them. Pearl threw a tantrum and frightens the children away. Once they arrive at the house, the narrator goes into vivid detail about the mansion’s antique qualities. The keeper, who isn’t aware of who Hester is, lets them inside. Inside the mansion, Pearl spots a suit of armor and is fascinated. When Hester turns to the shiny armor, her “A” is magnified to where it’s the prominent reflection. Moving on from there, they go to the garden, but Pearl begins crying at the sight of the rosebush. She quiets down when the men approach the house.

3 CHAPTER 8 SUMMARY Hester sees Bellingham, Wilson, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth enter the room. After they tease Pearl, they threaten to take her away from Hester to ensure she is taught the correct Christian values. Hester argues to keep Pearl by saying she can teach Pearl the faith through her mistakes and trials, but also by saying Pearl is a daily reminder of the sin she committed. To question her faith, Wilson asks Pearl who made her. She hesitates to answer, but finally says she had “not been made at all, but had been plucked by her mother off the bush of wild roses that grew by the prison door.” They continue to try and take Pearl away from Hester, but Hester argues passionately. During the argument she calls Dimmesdale out to defend her. He backs her up. They agree to let Hester keep Pearl while they pray about the situation. After they leave, Hester and Pearl are confronted by Mistress Hibbins. She asks them to attend a witch gathering. Hester denies the offer.

4 CHARACTER ANALYSIS Hester Prynne: She is fierce and brave as she fights to keep Pearl. Pearl: She is a beautiful child, but she is restless, moody, and stubborn. She is “the very brightest little jet of flame that ever danced upon the earth.” Roger Chillingworth: He is very mysterious and skeptical. He evilly smirks at many comments regarding Hester and Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale: He feels obligated to stand up for Hester and shows loyalty by defending everything Hester says. John Wilson: He is an old minister. He has a snow white beard and is grandfather-like. Governor Bellingham: He has a gray beard and wears old fashioned royal clothes. He is unfriendly. Mistress Hibbins: She is governor Bellingham’s sister. She is bitter-tempered and is a witch.

5 THEME Sin and knowledge: Knowledge is a direct result of sin through the learning of one’s mistakes. The nature of evil: The nature of evil is found in the ones whose motives are evil.

6 ROMANTIC AND PURITAN IDEAS The way the ministers were questioning Pearl shows how serious the Puritans were about their Christian values. They were questioning a three year-old about who made her; they wanted to hear the answer “God.” Hester shows a sense of freedom by the way she boldly stands up for herself and her actions. She bravely fights against the town fathers to keep Pearl.

7 IRONY Mistress Hibbins, being Governor Bellingham’s sister, performs witchcraft which is against Puritan beliefs and is not punished. Whereas Hester is being, publicly humiliated, thrown into prison, and is threatened to have her child taken away because of her sin. And Governor Bellingham is one of the men punishing her.

8 NARRATIVE VOICE The narrator speaks through a free and transparent frame of reference that is opposite of the Puritan’s views. Behind the scenes the narrator compliments Hester’s free spirit, which is against the Puritan ideas for women.

9 SYMBOLISM AND COLOR Hester dresses Pearl in the exact same fabric and color as the scarlet letter. This symbolizes that Pearl and the scarlet letter are alike in many ways.

10 CAUSE AND EFFECT Cause: 1.Pearl answers the town fathers by saying she “was plucked from the rosebush.” 2.Dimmesdale supports Hester’s reason for wanting to keep Pearl. Effect: 1.The men wanted to take Pearl away from Hester because of her unchristian-like answer. 2.Dimmesdale convinces the men to let Hester keep Pearl.


12 QUESTION 1 Who’s mansion are Hester and Pearl going to? A.Barack Obama B.Governor Bellingham C.Aladdin D.Chillingworth

13 QUESTION 2 What is Hester delivering to Governor Bellingham? A.Birthday present B.White gloves C.Hat D.A brush

14 QUESTION 3 What is a theme of these chapters? A.Fun in the Sun B.Sin and knowledge C.Why can’t we be friends D.Nature of Evil E.Both B and D

15 QUESTION 4 True or False? Hester got to keep Pearl.

16 QUESTION 5 Free Response Question!! Describe Roger Chillingworth in one sentence.

17 ACTIVITY TIME Your activity today is an art contest!

18 Your task is to draw and color a mansion that represents Governor Bellingham’s. You have 8 minutes!!! The person with the best drawing wins the prize!!


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