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Chapters 21 and 22 The Scarlet Letter

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1 Chapters 21 and 22 The Scarlet Letter
Jodie and Amelia

2 Chapter 21 Summary A gathering occurs in the marketplace to celebrate the instatement of a new governor. The crowd is not very joyful even though the setting seems festive, but the mood is brighter than the time of Hester’s punishment. The ship that is taking Hester and Dimmesdale to Europe is docked and Pearl asks Hester if the strange minister will hold her hand as he did before. Hester envisions herself away from the judgment and loneliness she faced after her commitment of adultery. It is revealed by a sailor the Chillingworth will be joining them on their trip to Europe.

3 Chapter 22 Summary A group of soldiers and town fathers are presented and they display very strong characters. Everyone notices that Dimmesdale no longer looks sick and depressed, but now looks exultant and hopeful. Pearl tells Hester that she wishes to kiss Dimmesdale and Hester disapproves. Mistress Hibbins approaches Hester and says soon the ministers mark of the black man will be revealed to all, implying that the devil is Pearl’s father. She also says she knows about Dimmesdale and Hester’s meeting in the forest and his secret will soon be revealed. Then Hester listens to Dimmesdale’s sermon and is informed that Chillingworth will bring Dimmesdale on board and while she is worrying about this she realizes all eyes are on her.

4 You cant run away from your problems.
Themes You cant run away from your problems. Facing your sins can help you escape depression.

5 Symbols In chapter 21 it says “This effervescence made her flit with a bird-like movement, rather than walk by her mothers side.” The comparison to the bird symbolizes faith, freedom and travel and also the link between heaven and earth. The author says the market place had a tint “that was sad gray, brown or black of the English emigrants.” Gray symbolizing sadness and dreariness, black symbolizing remorse, anger and detachment and brown symbolizing home and simplicity. Pearl is a symbol of Hester and Dimmesdale’s sin and she is a punishment as well as a blessing.

6 Characters Hester Prynne- Main character and the bearer of the scarlet letter. She is very strong and passionate. Pearl- The result of Hester’s commitment of adultery. She is very mischievous and curious. Chillingworth- Hester’s husband. He is very bitter and evil and only wants revenge. Dimmesdale- The reverend and also the father of Pearl. He is full of guilt. Mistress Hibbins- often referred to as a witch. She is a widow who lives with the governor.

7 Romantic and Puritan Ideas
In chapter 21, the author talks a lot about how dull and sad puritans are. “The puritans compressed whatever mirth and public joy the deemed allowable to human infirmity” and “they appeared scarcely more grave than most other communities.” The author refers to this as “puritanic gloom.”

8 Literary Devices Ch. 21 Wampum belts: Belt-wampum beads were rectangular cutouts, with drilled holes, rolled smooth on sandstone, then woven into a shell-beaded fabric. They recorded agreements (allusion) Wrestling in the style of Cornwall and Devonshire: Cornwall and Devonshire are regions in England (allusion) When it is revealed that Chillingworth will be joining them on the trip in foreshadows the collapse of the current joyful tone. Ch. 22 Mistress Hibbins is an allusion to Anne Hibbins a women executed for witchcraft in 1656. Mistress Hibbins foreshadows Dimmesdale coming clean about his secret. Chillingworth’s news about the trip foreshadows things not working out as Hester planned.

9 Quiz What does the sailor tell Hester?
Why was the town gathered in the market place? Who does Mistress Higgins accuse of being Pearl’s father? Where are Hester, Pearl and Dimmesdale traveling to? What did Pearl wish to do that Hester did not approve of?

10 Answers That Chillingworth will be joining them on their trip.
To celebrate the new governor. The devil, will also take the black man or Dimmesdale. Europe. Kiss Dimmesdale.

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