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Chapter 7 & 8 Scarlet Letter. Follow Your Arrow

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1 Chapter 7 & 8 Scarlet Letter

2 Follow Your Arrow

3 Chapter Summary Hester and Pearl are going to the governor’s mansion so that she can give him some fancy gloves that she made. There is also a rumor going around that Pearl will be taken from Hester for various reasons. Children fling mud at the two on their walk, but Pearl scares them off. The governor asks why Hester should be allowed to keep her child. Dimmesdale, who Pearl takes a liking to, says that the child is from God and is both a blessing and a curse. It is decided that Hester is able to keep Pearl. As she is leaving, Hester is asked to attend a witch’s meeting in the woods, which she declines.

4 Theme Practice what you preach

5 Romantic and Puritan Ideas Romantic: Adultery is one of the worst possible sins you can commit. In order to save the sinner you must condemn them Puritan: Coming in contact with the sinner is scandalous and frowned upon because they believed that you became unclean by association

6 Characters Hester: Seamstress who provides clothes for the governor and the townspeople. Firm in her faith that her daughter should remain with her Pearl: Hester’s daughter, now three years old. A feisty and sassy young little girl who sticks up for her mother regardless of who she is talking to. Her spiritual standing is up for debate among the townspeople and she is viewed as a walking sin Bellingham: Governor who is too rich for his own good. Acts concerned about Hester and Pearl’s well being.

7 Literary Devices Foreshadowing: Pearl seems to really only like and trust Dimmesdale, who stands up for her and Hester Archetypes: The use of the color scarlet is often associated with lust and sexuality, demonstrated in this book Irony: The preacher is the one accepting Hester. The governor, who condones supporting Hester, supports her monetarily by purchasing clothing from her Narrative voice: Bystander’s perspective Symbolism and Color: Scarlet represents list and sin. Green (like the rosebush) represents growth

8 Symbols Pearl: Represents sin and individuality. She also represents a blessing in disguise. Rosebush: Represents free spiritedness, like Hester and Pearl Scarlet Letter “A”: Represents adultery Pearl’s dress: Scarlet and embellished with gold, represents Hester’s defiance, individuality and mockery of the town fathers Gloves: Represents the city’s reliance on Hester’s trade

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