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By: Miguel Villanueva Nick Lucero

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1 By: Miguel Villanueva Nick Lucero
The Scarlet Letter Chapter 17-18 By: Miguel Villanueva Nick Lucero

2 Chapter Summary As Hester and Dimmesdale escaped the public, they go sit together near a brook. Hester then tells Dimmesdale that Chillingworth is her husband, which causes Dimmesdale to get angry and blame Hester for all the pain he has felt. Dimmesdale soon forgives Hester and realizes that Chillingworth is going to reveal their secret. They then plan to leave to Europe to where they can live with Pearl. The thought of going to Europe got them excited that Dimmesdale said he felt happy again. Hester then threw off her “A” and let her hair go and beauty. The light of the forest shines on her as she is now free. Hester wants Pearl and Dimmesdale to have daughter and father time, but Pearls is very cautious to be with him.

3 Character Analysis Hester- When she removes the “A”, she becomes free and the light shines upon her Dimmesdale- Has no more pain in his chest since Hester is now with him and they are happy Pearl- Gets to finally meet her real father and go and live with him and Hester. Chillingworth- Knows about Dimmesdale and Hester and is going to reveal their secret to the public

4 Symbols The Letter “A”- This represents when Hester rips it off her chest and she is free from her sin. The sunlight then shined over her which before it would stay hidden. The Sunshine- the sunshine that floods the forest when Hester takes off the “A” is the sign of purity.

5 Literary devices Irony- How Dimmesdale keeps his secret to keep Hester and Pearl safe is actually killing him. Irony- Hester and Dimmesdale kept secrets to stay protected and Chillingworth had secrets to harm them. Personification- “…foolish and tiresome little brook…why art thou so sad?” This shows that when Hester and Dimmesdale were at the brook that the area was very gloomy. Simile- “She has wandered without rule or guidance in a moral wilderness; as vast, as intricate and shadowy, as the untamed forest…”

6 That secrets will eventually catch up and hurt you.
Theme That secrets will eventually catch up and hurt you. The theme can relate to everyone because everyone has gone through and been in situations when lying and keeping secrets from people will catch up to you and bite you in the.

7 Review Pearl got to meet her real father who is Chillingsworth
Hester takes off her “A” since she is now free Hester lets her hair loose and it can now flow freely Dimmesdale and Hester think about moving out of Europe Chillingsworth is going to reveal Hester and Dimmesdale secret Hester and Chillingsworth meet outside of the city in the forest.

8 QUIZ! Who is Pearls real father? Queen Latifah Chillingsworth
Santa Clause She’s an orphan and doesn’t know who her father is because it can be anyone from the hood.

9 QUIZ! 2. Where do Hester and Chillingworth meet and talk? The hood
The Forest A club where Chillingsworth & Hester twerking A sewer

10 QUIZ! 3. What happens to Hesters “A”? It bursts into flames
She was never wearing an “A”… She took it off No one cares

11 QUIZ! 4. What happens to Hesters hair?
She shaved it all off like Brittany spears It was a weave and out of anger Chillingworth yanked it out She let it loose because she is now free She never had hair

12 QUIZ! 5. Do Hester and Dimmesdale think about moving out of Europe with Pearl? T f

13 QUIZ! 6. What is Chillingsworth going to do with Hester and Dimmesdales secret? Reveal it to the public Pinky swear to never tell a soul Lock his mouth with a key and put it in his pocket What Secret?


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