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2 Slovak national cuisine

3 Slovak cuisine Slovak cuisine is unique. True Slovak food and recipes are really only available in Slovakia itself, all other versions are not really authentic. Slovak cuisine was greatly influenced by the food of two neighbouring countries - Hungary and Austria and to add to the spice of life, the dishes vary from one region to the next. The Slovak dishes use items such as pork, poultry, cabbage, wheat and potato flour, cheese from cows and sheep, potatoes, onions and garlic. Beans, corn on the cob, lentils, parsley, carrots and other vegetables are often used to create soup dishes and other dishes in all Slovakia.   Pork, beef and chicken are the three most popular meats used in Slovakian food. Lamb, duck or goose are not quite so popular in Slovakia.

4 Eating habits in Slovakia
Most Slovaks eat breakfast very early and tuck into different types of Slovakian bread with butter, ham, cheese, boiled or fried eggs, salami, vegetables, sausages and either jam or honey to round the meal off. Some people prefer cereals of various choices or yoghurt. The main meal of the day is lunch, eaten at about mid-day. Many restaurants in Slovakia offer a daily menu where there is a choice between dishes served between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. A typical Slovakian lunch consists of soup and the main course. The main course is usually meat, pasta or a sweet dish.

5 Traditional Slovakian Food

6 Bryndzove halushky - potato dumplings with sheep cheese (bryndza) and roasted bacon

7 Zemiakové placky - potato pancakes fried in oil with garlic and flour

8 Schnitzel - Wiener schnitzel

9 Sweet Slovakia Food Sweet dishes in Slovak cuisine include especially the following dishes: Palacinky - Pancakes Ryzovy nákyp - sweet baked rise cake Parene buchty - steamed dumplings filled with jam with sweet toping Sisky - fried donnuts

10 Pancakes Rice cace

11 Steamed dumplings Donuts

12 Slovakian soup dishes Kapustnica - soup made of sour cabbage and smoked pork sausage, variations can be by adding mushrooms or plums Bean soup - beans and various root vegetables such as carrots and parsley Garlic soup - usually cooked in chicken broth Goulash soup - using beef, paprika, marjoram and potatoes

13 Garlic soup Kapustnica -

14 Bean and Goulash soup

15 Specialities When visiting Slovakia, be on the look out for our unique Slovakian dishes

16 Bryndza - special type of traditional Slovak cheese
other cheeses - parenica, ostiepok, korbacik Jaternica - blood sausage from slaughtered pig and rice Klobasa - sausage from pork with salt, garlic and pepper


18 Slovak drinks Wine is a very popular drink in Slovakia. The grapes from which the wine is made grow in the southern areas of the country. Tokaj is probably the best-known label. Slivovica (made from plums) and Borovicka (made from juniper berries) are traditional alcoholic drinks always popular in Slovakia. The Slovak people have a few best-loved drinks including (naturally) beer, wine and traditional Slovak slivovica. Beer is hugely popular amongst old and young alike. There is a huge range to choose from and each region produces its own variety. The most popular Slovak beers include Zlaty Bazant, Corgon, Saris, Smadny mnich or Topvar - bottled or draught.

19 Water Slovakia is rich in mineral water springs. There are a lot of mineral water springs in Slovakia. Mineral water is a popular soft drink in Slovakia. 

20 Thank´s for your watching


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