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2 FOOD I can’t imagine starting my day without breakfast. I usually have pancakes or fried eggs or scrambled eggs and some cheese with wholemeal bread or toast with honey and cottage cheese. I like eat cornflakes without milk, because i hate milk, so i drink a lot of yoghurt.

3 In Poland people like to eat a lot
In Poland people like to eat a lot. Supper is a very rich meal in our country. We have not only roll with butter, ham or sausage and fried eggs or pat as well. Lunch is not very popular in Poland and the main and the most abundant meal of the day is dinner. A full Polish – style dinner comprises soup, a main course and a dessert. The most popular soups are red beet soup, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, vegetable soup. The most typical meat is a pork chop and steak roll – ups. We drink a lot of tea, coffe and juice.

4 In Poland people like eat a lot of fruits. I like them very much
In Poland people like eat a lot of fruits. I like them very much. The best fruits for me are grapes, grapefruits, mandarines, apples, raspberries, blueberries and watermelons. Mandarines are especially good in winter time. Apples are available all year round.

5 Vegetables are eaten all over the world
Vegetables are eaten all over the world. The most popular vegetable in my opinion is the potato. It is very popular in Poland. The next most popular vegetable is the tomato, it came to Poland from Italy some centuries ago. Also carrots, parsley, peas, beans, cabbage, onion and garlic are largely consumed in Poland.

6 In Poland we often cook pancakes
In Poland we often cook pancakes. They are with jam, fruits, honey or cheese. I like them very much. Pancakes ingredients: 500g of flour 2 eggs 200 ml of milk jam 50g of oil Mix 500g of flour with 2 eggs. Pour in milk and blend for 10 minutes. Pour the pastry slowly over the hot oil on the frying pan. When ready smear the pancakes with jam. Enjoy!

In my opinion ,the easiest dish to make is spaghetti Bolognese. You don’t need to many ingredients and you’ll find a recipe in every cookery book. First you should prepary the sauce. Chop the onions and press the garlic. Pour olive – oil into a large saucepan, add the onions, and fry them antil they change colour. Now, crumble minced beef into the onions and fry it to antil it’s completely done. Add the tomatoes and spices: a pinch of salt, pepper, oregano and bazil. Now let the whole lot simmer for half an our. Then you should prepare the pasta. Boil a lot of water; add some olive-oil and salt. When the water is boiling, add the pasta. When it’s ready rinse it under water.

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