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The Black Death and the Hundred Years’ War

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1 The Black Death and the Hundred Years’ War
Chapter 8; Section 5

2 The Black Death One in three people would die
Epidemic outbreak of rapidly spreading disease Spread by rats Rats were a common thing in cities, they were everywhere

3 Effects on Society No way to stop it, some turned to magic and witchcraft Others plunged into wild pleasures, believing they would die anyway Others saw the plague as God’s punishment

4 God’s Punishment? Would beat themselves with whips to show they were repenting Christians blamed Jews, saying they had poisoned the wells Thousands of Jews were slaughtered because of this false accusation

5 Economic Effects As workers and employers died, the economy suffered
AS the cost of labor soared, inflation, or rising prices, broke out Landowners and merchants wanted laws to limit wages, landowners converted crops to sheep raising which required less labor Caused revolts from bitter, angry workers

6 Upheaval in the Church John Wycliffe, an Oxford professor, attacked Church corruption He insisted that the Bible, not the Church, was the source of all Christian truth His followers began translating the Bible into English so that all could read it, not just clergy

7 Response of the Church Jan Hus, did the same in Czech Republic
The Church responded by persecuting Wycliffe and his followers Hus was found guilty of preaching heresy and burned at the stake

8 Hundred Years’ War

9 Hundred Years War War was over English rulers controlling French lands War started when Edward III of England claimed the French crown

10 New Weapons English victories were common in the beginning
Most of this was because of the longbow six feet long and took years to master

11 Longbow Could discharge 3 arrows in the time a French archer could fire just one Its arrows could pierce the heaviest armor

12 Joan of Arc 1429 17 yr old girl appeared at the Court of Charles VII and told him that God had sent her to save France

13 Joan of Arc She persuaded the desperate king to let her lead his army against the English Would lead the French to several victories She would pay for her success with her life

14 Accused of Witchcraft English captured her and tried her for witchcraft, was convicted and burned at the stake Would be declared a saint years later by the Church Her execution rallied the French who now viewed her as a martyr

15 Another New Weapon With a powerful new weapon, the cannon, they attacked castles English now only held the port of Calais, the French had won

16 Effects of the War Set England and France on different paths
War created a growing sense of national feeling in France and allowed French kings to expand their power Loss of French lands shattered English dreams of a continental empire, and they soon began looking at other trading ventures overseas

17 More Effects Other changes included the invention of the longbow and cannon, which undermined the armor of knights Castles were doomed to disappear because of this Large armies were now needed

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