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SSCG8 Review.

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1 SSCG8 Review

2 Split ticket Practice of voting for candidates of more than one party on the same ballot

3 media Television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet

4 Absentee voting Provisions made for those unable to get to their regular polling place on election day

5 caucus A meeting of party leaders to discuss issues or to choose candidates

6 incumbent Someone who already holds the office for which he or she is running

7 Public policy The stand the government takes about how issues should be handled

8 Public opinion poll Devices that attempt to collect information by asking people questions

9 Political party An organization of citizens who wish to influence and control govt. by getting their members elected to office

10 Direct primary An election in which members of a political party choose candidates to run for office in the name of the party

11 suffrage The right to vote

12 bias A favoring of one point of view

13 registration Process of signing up to be a voter

14 precincts Voting districts

15 Independent voters People who do not support a particular political party

16 ballot The device voters use to register a choice in an election

17 propaganda A message that is meant to influence people’s ideas, opinions, or actions in a certain way

18 canvass Go door to door handing out information and asking people which candidate they support

19 nominate Name candidates to run for public office

20 platform Statement of the political party’s official stand on major public issues

21 campaign A collection of all the efforts a candidates makes to win an election

22 Announce your plan to run
What is the first step in running for office?

23 National convention A potential presidential candidate campaigns to win his party’s nomination at the…..?

24 Caucus and primary What are the ways a candidate can get nominated by the general public?

25 National convention Where do political parties announce their presidential candidate?

26 Every 4 years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
When are Presidential elections held?

27 Electoral voters When people vote for President, who do they actually cast their vote for?

28 Senate plus house members per state
What determines the number of electoral votes for each state?

29 270 How many electoral votes are needed to win a Presidential election?

30 Get sworn into office What does inauguration mean?

31 Primaries have candidates from the same party run against each other and general elections have the best candidate from each party run against each other What is the difference between the primary and general election?

32 Use media…especially tv
What is the best way for a candidate to convince large numbers of people to vote for him or her?

33 To prevent people from gaining influence over candidates
Why are there limits on the amount of money we can give directly to a political candidate?

34 19th amendment Which amendment gave women the right to vote?

35 24th amendment Which amendment banned the use of poll taxes in elections?

36 23rd amendment Which amendment made it so that Washington D.C. residents were able to vote for the President and have electoral votes based on population?

37 26th amendment Which amendment lowered the voting age to 18 years or older

38 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Further protected the voting rights of all Americans by reinforcing the 15th amendment; outlaws voting practices such as literacy tests

39 26th amendment Which amendment is associated with the Vietnam War?

40 False-English Laws and Customs
True or false? Colonists and early Americans got their ideas about voting from French laws and customs.

41 False-determined by Electoral College
True or False? Our Presidential elections are determined by the popular vote.

42 True True or False? You must be 18 years old by Election day, live in the state in which you will be voting, and a U.S. citizen in order to be able to vote.

43 True True or false? The stand the government takes about how issues should be handled is known as public policy.

44 Democrats and Republicans
What are the 2 main political parties here in the U.S.?

45 Jim Crow Laws Although former slaves were given full citizenship and voting rights in America, what was used (in the South) to deny them their rights?

46 Most former slaves could not read or write, so they could not pass the test to vote
How did the literacy test prevent African Americans from voting?

47 Poor whites and all blacks
What groups of people were targeted by the poll tax and literacy tests?

48 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Jim Crow laws basically cancelled out the 15th amendment. What cancelled out Jim Crow Laws?

49 A fee charged to vote What is a poll tax?

50 Grandfather Clause Which Jim Crow law would let you vote if the father of your mom or dad had voted?

51 Two Party System What type of party system do we have in the United States?

52 Supplying all campaign funding
Political parties fulfill all of the following functions EXCEPT (a) acting as watchdog. (b) informing and activating supporters. (c) supplying all campaign funding. (d) governing by partisanship.

53 They believe their vote will not count
What is the reason most non-voters do not vote?

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