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18.3 Choosing Candidates.

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1 18.3 Choosing Candidates

2 Nominating Candidates
This is the most important role of political parties Step 1 when running for office Declare you are a candidate for the office 3 ways to be nominated self-nomination Write in candidate – ask people write your name on the ballot Chosen by delegates at conventions – local, state, and national

3 Nominating Candidates
Caucus Some states select candidates and/or delegates to the conventions at a caucus Local or state party leaders meet to discuss issues and choose the candidates This used to be secret meetings, but now they are open meetings

4 Nominating Candidates
Primaries Most state and federal offices are now chosen in direct primaries The winning candidate in this election is now the candidate of the party for that particular office 2 types of direct primary Closed - only registered members of the party choose the candidates Open – voters do not need to declare a party before voting, but can only vote in one parties primary


6 Choosing Presidential Candidates
Who can run? Over 35 years old These are the only requirements in the Constitution Born in the U.S. Be well known Experience in government be able to raise money Realistically

7 Choosing Presidential Candidates
Paying for the primary campaign Candidates raise most of their own money Individuals are limited as to how much they can contribute - $2,000 Federal government will match the donations Why should (or shouldn’t) our tax dollars be spent on this?

8 Choosing Presidential Candidates
Choosing Delegates In the primaries voters either vote for the candidate herself or a delegate who supports that candidate In caucus through discussion and voting by raising of hands The whole process starts in Jan. of election year Although the candidates start visiting the early states of IA (caucus) and NH (primary)even earlier and FL oops!

9 Choosing Presidential Candidates
National Conventions Held during presidential election years Vote on nominations Usually this is already decided Decide on the party platform Listen to speeches This begins the campaign season

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