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PANAMERICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION South South Cooperation Program – Caribbean Basin Strategy.

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1 PANAMERICAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION South South Cooperation Program – Caribbean Basin Strategy

2 General Objective Under the mandate of the Colombian Minister of Foreing Affairs to implement the South South cooperation Strategy at the caribbean Basin. Colombia has defined his cooperation offer trough five lines of work, in order to transfer and work jointly with the countries that demand this cooperation, also these activities promote the regional integration and the approach between Colombia and the countries of the Caribbean basin. With the implementation of the Strategy the Caribbean identity has been strengthened, seeking to develop a work that includes innovation, coordination and a regional vision of work. PHASE I



5 LINE OF WORKACTIVITIES DEVELOPED CARIBBEAN STRATEGY TECHNICAL EDUCATION Workshops and Seminars for the implementation of technologies, new methods of training and creation of curriculums. Kingston, Jamaica. March 11 th and 12 th of 2009 Cartagena, Colombia. May 27 th to 29 th of 2009 Bogotá, Colombia. October 19 th to 23 th of 2009 BILINGUALISMStrengthening of English and Spanish as languages of the Caribbean basin, courses for teachers in order to improve the education of these languages in all the region. English immersion from 22 th of June to 18 th of July, 2009 San Andrés, Colombia. Spanish course as a foreign language, July 6 th to 31 th. 2009 San Andrés. Colombia. PREVENTION AND DISASTERS ATTENTION Strengthening of the disasters activities and knowledge in the region specially in hurricanes. Course of Risk and Crisis Management for Hurricanes. August 31th to September 6th, San Andrés, Colombia. 2009. FOOD SECURITYTransfer and interchange of experiences in order to develop and implement models of articulation between government and private entities toward food security. “ Caribbean without Hunger” Seminar. Riohacha, Colombia. August 26th to 28th 2009. ACADEMIC MOBILITYColombia offers scholarships for students of the Caribbean Basin, taking into account the diversity and the quality of the existing educational programs Definition of the students, and support in the processes. 5 students of the Caribbean Basin were benefit with scholarships. PHASE I

6 BORDERS BILATERAL PROJECTS Project of support to the “Reading without borders” initiative. PADF has developed an agreement with the National Library of Perú, and also with the Colombian Cultural Minister. 1240 books were donate to libraries in Perú that are located in the border region Equipments and other materials were donated also to improve the library locations and the quality of life of these communities TRIANGULAR COOPERATION Project to promote the creation of a curriculum for the training of National Parks Rangers in Colombia. An interchange between Costa Rica, Argentina y Colombia has been promoted trough visits and workshops in each country. At the final activity of the project all the three countries are going the generate the recommendations of the training program that must be developed according to their experience

7 PHASE II LINE OF WORKACTIVITIES CARIBBEAN STRATEGY TECHNICAL EDUCATION SENA experts tour in order to transfer processes and knowledge to the Caribbean basin countries in Guatemala and Trinidad & Tobago Technical training in welding, precision agriculture, and agro tourism. 30.000 virtual quotas for technical training in different areas Creation of regional Networks and installed capacity Donation of equipments to strengthen the education at the region. BILINGUALISM English and Spanish immersions Virtual courses in English and Spanish Interchange with the West Indies University to promote the strengthen the learning of Spanish as a second language Spanish courses for Government employees and teachers of the Caribbean basin PREVENTION AND DISASTERS ATTENTION Course of Risk Management and handling of the effects and impacts due the climate change. Course of social cartography to identify the associate risk of the climate change. Virtual course on risk management. FOOD SECURITY Articulation with the eight years workshop of ReSA in Bucaramanga, in order to identify punctual needs of the participant countries in food security programs. Food and nutritional security workshops in Honduras and Grenada, to transfer models of hydroponics' crops and other experiences. Virtual encounters Workshop in Bogotá with the Caribbean Basin countries to organize and socialize the information that each country has about food, government programs, etc. ACADEMIC MOBILITY To promote new scholarships in Colombia. Second encounter of Caribbean and Colombian Universities with the support of the Minister of education

8 BORDERS BILATERAL PROJECTS Project of eco tourism in Puerto Obaldía – La Miel. Panamá These project will promote the tourism in the region, improving the quality of life of the population. NEW LINES OF WORK CARIBBEAN STRATEGY TECHNICAL MISSION ON CULTURAL INDUSTRIES It would be developed in Colombia between the 27 th of September and the 1 st of October of this year, and will provide the opportunity to present the public policy enhancement process carried out with regard to this topic, as well as regional developments that have been consolidated to date. COMUNICATION AND CASE STUDIES For these phase is really important to promote the initiatives that have been developed in order to create networks, share all the experiences, strengthen the alliances and create new ones for other activities and the implementation on each country SECURITY The main objective of this line is to bring to the Caribbean countries experiences and models that the Police Department in Colombia have developed to strengthen the security in the country

9 INVESTMENT SOUTH SOUTH COOPERATION PROGRAM Colombian Government1,400,000 USD COUNTERPARTS ActivityApproximate Value/ In kindEntity Donation of Tools and equipment to the technical Education Institutions at the Caribbean Basin 595,463 USDPanamerican Development Foundation Technical Education component1,304,280 USDNational Training Service in Colombia (SENA) Regional tour of technical education in GuatemalaConference rooms, transportation, materials INTECAP, Guatemala. Food and Nutritional Security Workshops, Bilingualism activities and Prevention and Disasters Attention, virtual course 400,000 USD Presidential Agency for the Social Action and the International Cooperation Food and Nutritional Workshop in HondurasConference rooms, equipments, land for the implementation of the activities Social and Development Secretary of Honduras Bilingualism immersions and courses80,000 USDNational University of Colombia Spanish Immersion 20102,100 USDUNINORTE Food and Nutritional Workshop in GrenadaConference rooms, equipments, land for the implementation of the activities, materials Minister of Agriculture of Grenada Prevention and disasters attention6,750 USDNational University of Colombia

10 ACHIEVEMENTS Coordination and synergies between national partners and regional agencies such as the Association of Caribbean States and the OAS Participation of 25 countries of the Caribbean Basin Conformation of interinstitutional networks in different lines of the Strategy Establishment of mechanisms for joint work between higher education institutions in the Caribbean. Document recommendations Identification of partners and capabilities in each line. Strengthening of technical knowledge in the region. Strengthening of the cultural bonds between the countries. Identification of new strategies of work in each country to multiply the courses and activities that were developed with the strategy.




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