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República de Colombia Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.

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1 República de Colombia Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

2 ROMANIAN DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL “Developing ourselves to help develop the others” Triangular Cooperation Enrique Maruri, Director of International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombia September 19 2008

3 Triangular Cooperation is clearly a way forward for the aid effectiveness agenda where donors can play a major role in helping partner countries come together and address common problems

4 3rd High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness Colombian participation  Negotiated in the group that drafted the AAA  Opened the "Marketplace of Ideas"  Co-chaired the working table on ownership together with Switzerland This allowed positioning significantly the following subjects:  Specificity of middle-income countries  Importance of South – South Cooperation We acknowledge the contributions made by all development actors, and in particular the role of middle-income countries as both providers and recipients of aid. We recognize the importance and particularities of South-South cooperation and acknowledge that we can learn from the experience of developing countries. We encourage further development of triangular co-operation. ACCRA AGENDA FOR ACTION

5 . Colombia is identified as a pivotal country, due to the virtue of the capacity and experience in promoting South - South Cooperation. Consequently, Colombia is leading several initiatives in the region which are based in trilateral cooperation programs. SOUTH – SOUTH COOPERATION




9 Community-Based Rural Tourism CASE STUDY: COSTA RICA - COLOMBIA - GTZ Background: This project was agreed in the Third Meeting of the Commission of Technical Cooperation Colombia - Costa Rica, held in Bogota on 9 and November 10, 2006. Objective: exchange of successful experiences in  The management and conservation of primary forests and protected areas  Quality of life of rural communities through the promotion of small micro ecotourism. The development of this project was achieved through the support of the GTZ Results:  Techniques and good practices for managing and protecting forests, knowledge transfer focused on the visit to the National Parks and Protected Areas and the filing of the legal and institutional regulation that Costa Rica has to protect parks.  With regard to organic agriculture, activities were oriented visits to farms models to assess all stages of production and organizing eco-tourism as a source of family income

10 Some Examples from Colombia – Colombia – Spain - Haiti The government of Colombia and the Government of Spain have agreed on the desirability of deepening and extending the work on development in Haiti carried out in different lines of action defined in sectors such as Spatial planning, protected areas and cross-cutting theme institutional strengthening –Land Planning Provision actions in Southeast Basin, Department of the Southeast. –Protected Areas Creation of a Biosphere Reserve. Spanish cooperation currently focuses its actions in the National Park Visit. Likewise is considering initiating actions in the Foret de Pins –Institutional Strengthening Strengthening environmental authorities in the environmental field: Ministry of Environment and municipalities in Haiti. TRIANGULAR COOPERATION

11 Some Examples from Colombia – Iberoamerican Programme for Horizontal Cooperation This initiative stems from a mandate of the Programme of Action of the XVII Ibero- American Summit in Santiago, Chile. His field of action is the Technical Cooperation which has received a significant boost in the region in recent years. The initiative takes place across three blocks that make up their specific goals:  Identify and disseminate successful practices and projects for technical cooperation in the region through the creation of a Bank of Good Practice  To strengthen the institutional capacities of the managing cooperation in the Ibero-American countries and provide them with consistent information systems  To support projects and activities replicable and innovative technical cooperation, preferably emerge that the Bank of Good Practice TRIANGULAR COOPERATION

12 Some Examples from Colombia – Pan American Development Foundation Colombia made a special contribution to the Pan American Development Foundation, by the amount of $ 500.000 US, through a voluntary contribution to the OAS to strengthen the capacity of Colombia as a country bidder for technical cooperation The funds will be distribute in trilateral projects that contribute to the building of capacities in the border, Caribbean and Central America regions –Border Regions 1. Panama: Building capacities in the agro-tourism sector. 2. Peru: “Reading without borders” –Caribbean and Central America 1.Technical Education - Jamaica 2.Bilingualism – Panama 3.Food Security - Haiti 4.Attention and Prevention of Disasters – Association of Caribbean States -Latin America 1. Management of protected areas and ecotourism (Argentina, Costa Rica) TRIANGULAR COOPERATION

13 Some Examples from Colombia – JICA  Colombia has been a beneficiary of the courses for third countries which advances the Japanese Cooperation Agency JICA together with Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Trainings have been exploited in areas such as Environment, health, education, Robotics, Agriculture, among others. Colombia – Haiti  In July, Colombia made a donation of 90 thousand U.S. dollars to WFP to support the actions of this body in Haiti.  Likewise, Colombia made a voluntary contribution of 100 thousand U.S. dollars to MINUSTAH TRIANGULAR COOPERATION

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