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Explorator y Program The Key To Success! Director: Dr. Ralph G. Anttonen Presentation By: Charles Garber Student Computer Consultant for the Exploratory.

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1 Explorator y Program The Key To Success! Director: Dr. Ralph G. Anttonen Presentation By: Charles Garber Student Computer Consultant for the Exploratory Program

2 Since 1986 the Exploratory Program has been directed by Dr. Ralph G. Anttonen. This program trains advisors from the faculty and staff to guide Exploratory students. These advisors are skilled in advising techniques such as choosing a major, course selection, campus involvement, and campus services. The program has videos for every major on campus and also has an Improve My Performance Program (IMP) for those students who are not achieving a grade point average of 2.00. The mission of this program is to get every student to select a major and graduate from Millersville University. Our Mission...

3 The Exploratory Program is for students who are unsure about what they want to major in. It allows students to explore various courses of study and to get a feel for what they might be interested in doing for a career. In addition the Exploratory Program provides assistance to those students that need it. What is the Exploratory Program?

4 Exploratory Program Better than Ever: The Tree of Knowledge Extends Its Branches Full Administrative Support Web Page Introduced allowing students unprecedented access to tools and information for all majors. Student Workers and Access to a Secretary In the Building

5 What an Advisor does. Advisors are our liaisons between students and faculty. They help advise the students in choosing classes or resolving issues. A Good Advisor.... Is student-oriented i.e., he/she tries very hard to be available to students and sets up a schedule that allows them to come and meet with him or her. Does not hurry through the advising session but listens and hears what the student is saying. Makes the student feel comfortable by the arrangement of office, the use of sincere eye contact, and the attempt not to allow anything else interrupt the meeting Conducts the session in private and does not allow his/her colleagues or other students to be present until there is need for others to be involved. Always asks the student his/her opinion or solicits suggestions about what he/she would do or want to do about the situation or matter at hand. Is not afraid to say, "I don't know," and is willing to help the student find an answer to a question by being knowledgeable about the campus resources. Is willing to share the fact that advisors are human beings with interests outside campus life

6 Our Advisor Community Our Exploratory advisors come from all areas and levels of faculty and staff. We have advisors from all major departments as well as: Academic Consulting Admissions Human Resources Public Relations Vice Presidents Accounting Department Chairs Library Services Resident Life

7 A Small Part Of Our Advisor Community!

8 What an Advisee Does. An Advisee, hey that's you! Here are some things to keep in mind when you go to see you advisor. A Good Advisee.... Understands his/her reasons for going to college and think about where they are in the process of selecting a major. Becomes knowledgeable about all the various services available on campus; financial aid, career services, counseling center, intramurals, extracurricular activities, etc. Gets to know, through the student handbook, the various rules, policies or procedures that pertain to student life at Millersville. Makes an appointment with their adviser as soon as possible. Do not wait until it is time to register. Has an agenda when they meet with their adviser. Jot down a lists of items to go over, such as scheduling various courses, situations where they might need some information, or other areas where they feel they need some help. Thinks about their entire academic curriculum, not just the one they are registering for. The advisee should have an overall plan to fulfill the various degree requirements as they proceed through the curriculum.

9 Exploratory Program Web Page In today's fast paced, technological environment, the Exploratory Program's web page provides a portal through which students can access information about the program quickly and easily. In addition, the web page also provides tools to assist students with time management and the search for a major.

10 Exploratory Program Web Page Advisor Listing under the Reference category and Working with an advisor under the Other category give students access to advisors' contact information and how to approach and discuss items of concern with an Advisor. The Improve My Performance, or IMP program is designed to help struggling students with time management and even tutoring if needed. The contact, Major Views Video Series, Forms, and Searching for a Major comprise the bulk of the web page. They give students access to contact information for each department, forms for switching majors, and videos about each major. In addition, there are descriptions of each major and what types of careers a student would be able to pursue.

11 Exploratory Program Web Page In addition to the tools provided on the web page, the Exploratory Program has partnered up with various programs on campus to help Exploratory Students adjust to college life. The MU Getaway Weekend is a weekend in which students are taken to a campground where they stay for the weekend. While there they participate in activities that focus on relationships, leadership, managing stress, the college experience, and friends. To give new Exploratory Students a hand in adjusting to college life, Resident Life and the Exploratory Program have created a dorm specifically designed for Exploratory Students. In addition, all Exploratory Students in this residence hall are enrolled in a Freshman Seminar. This seminar is designed to help the students become acclimated to the amount of work expected by college professors and the type of work expected.

12 Exploratory Program Web Page Because so many students come to Millersville University looking to go into teaching, the web page provides a link to information regarding the Education Majors. This link is Called “Want to Be a Teacher?” At some point in a students career at college he/she may need a tutor. Unfortunately some students are unsure of where to go or how to go about getting a tutor. This is the purpose of the "Tutors“ link on the web page. It provides contact information for the various tutors across campus. Since 1986, statistics have been kept concerning the success of the Exploratory Program and from the looks of it we are doing pretty well. Click the Statistics button to see our stats!

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