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WELCOME Sophomore & Second Year Center ~ Undeclared Services.

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2 WELCOME Sophomore & Second Year Center ~ Undeclared Services

3 Freshmen today... Sophomores tomorrow Sophomore & Second Year Center Howard Phillips Hall, room 215

4 Director Robert Snow Robert Snow Director Harry Jernigan Academic Advisor Julie Cheney Academic Advisor

5 Sophomore & Second Year Center ~ Services: Assistance for Undeclared/Changing Majors Academic Advising & Referral to the College’s Career planning information & referrals Connecting to many student support resources Engage with the UCF campus community

6 Advising services Information Resources, Campus Connections, and Research opportunities (with faculty) Video Chat Advising (on-line) resource Undeclared & Major changers (exploring your options) SSYC Advising Support

7 Meet Joe & Janet UCF students Our “future” Sophomore students on an exploring mission.

8 Let’s do some myth busting for Joe & Janet. Myth #1 – I can be Undeclared my entire time at UCF it won’t affect me at all and it is better to leave options open rather than declaring a major.

9 Fact #1 – The UCF Undeclared Policy states you need to declare a major by the time you’ve completed 45 semester hours (to avoid a “hold”).

10 Myth #2 – All the services that I received as a Freshman are not available as I become a Sophomore.

11 Fact #2 – The SSYC office is here for you as an Undeclared Sophomore. Let us help you to explore & plan out your options.

12 Myth #3 – If you’re saying its important for me to have a major then I’ll just have to open up the catalog close my eyes and point. There’s not any assistance to help me choose the right major. Any will work.

13 Fact #3 – We have many services available in SSYC to help you choose a major. An advisor will help you to carefully review various UCF majors and minors that “best fits” your interests and career plans.

14 Myth #4 – Being Undeclared has no impact on my multi-term registration.

15 Fact #4 – Students in an Undeclared status are NOT eligible to register for Spring classes until later this fall semester – even if the student has a 3.5+ UCF GPA. Another reason to carefully explore, get advised on various options, & select a major.

16 Myth #5 – Major exploring students should first concentrate on completion of General Education Program classes - before looking ahead to possible major related classes.

17 Fact #5 – Students should take GEP classes that might help them to decide on, or count toward a selected major pre-requisite. In addition, other introductory & major exploration courses should be taken as soon as possible along with GEP classes.

18 Myth #6 – For majors in areas like Pre-Med, or for Law School you must select a major program directly related to those areas (i.e., Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Criminal Justice, Political Science).

19 Fact #6 – Students actually can major in ANY area of their interest, as long as certain science/math…or other courses to assist with future admission testing are taken. See your advisor to explore this in detail.

20 How can I make an appointment? Website click on “Request an Advising Appointment”. For Method of Advising, select “Office Appointment”, and Reason select “Need Undeclared Assistance”. E-mail: By Phone 407-823-3375 Walk-In Sophomore & Second Year Center Howard Phillips Hall, Room 215

21 A Student Point of View Joe & Janet Sophomore Confident Sophomore students who feel much more on track! “Make full use of support resources that are offered to you”

22 Final Comments Best wishes as you complete your first year. Continue to “explore” your options. Stay in contact with us – starting this summer (even if you are not taking classes at UCF). Connect with your SSYC advisor in our office or through on-line Video Chat Advising (many students love this convenient format!) See you soon in SSYC.

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