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Module One The Effective Teacher.

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1 Module One The Effective Teacher

2 Meet your Professors You will have two presenters throughout your modules Professor Grinsalot Mr. Alwaysraisedhand

3 Professor Grinsalot Professor Grinsalot earned her Bachelor’s of education in the early 90’s She has since earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, Technology, Administration, and a Doctorate degree. She is the Chair of the Educational Department at the college where she teaches

4 Graduate Student Assistant- Mr. Alwaysraisedhand
He is a graduate assistant to Professor Grinsalot He is earning his first Masters and is working hard with Professor Grinsalot He is full of questions….so be prepared

5 Effective Teachers Dr. Grinsalot was a very effective teacher.
Her students cared about her because she cared about them She invited them to approach her and always showed interest She is going to share a few of her techniques that will help you become an effective teacher at Dahlstrom Middle School

6 Harry Wong Book Dr. Grinsalot and Mr.Alwaysraisedhand refer to Harry Wong’s book titled, The First Days of School. Keep your book on hand for reference, now if you are ready…….let’s begin.

7 “The first days of school are the most important days of the year
“The first days of school are the most important days of the year. It can determine if your students will be successful and if you will be a successful teacher. Your student’s achievement is strongly based on your classroom management skills.” Dr. G

8 “Effective teachers establish the classroom rules, procedures, and routines in the first few weeks of school. A classroom should run smoothly even when you are not there.” Dr. G We will discuss this more in later modules.

9 This is my area of expertise!
Effective Teachers “People who do things right are EFFICIENT!” “People who do things right over and over again consistently, are EFFECTIVE!” Harry Wong p.5 An effective teacher gets results!!!! An EFFECTIVE teacher = SUCCESS

10 Stages of Teaching Harry Wong Four stages of Teaching: Fantasy
Ummmm! Stages of Teaching Harry Wong Four stages of Teaching: Fantasy Survival Mastery Impact

11 Oh, I remember this stage! Boy, was I tired!
Stage One: Fantasy FANTASY: we all have images of what it would be like to have our own classroom and students. Was it or is it what we expected? It doesn’t usually turn out the way we thought.

12 I did not like this stage at all
I did not like this stage at all! I couldn’t keep up, I did what I could to make it through the day! Stage Two: Survival SURVIVAL: Things aren’t as we anticipated and we enter this stage. We do anything we can just to make it through the day even if it isn’t efficient.

13 You will get here! Stage Three: Mastery MASTERY: Finally know how to work efficiently and effectively. Use effective and best practices when teaching and planning. Teachers in this stage manage their classrooms well, have high expectations for their students, plans and teaches effectively.

14 I liked it when I had valuable information to share!
Stage Four: Impact IMPACT: Teachers in this stage make a difference in the lives of their students

15 Three Characteristics
There are three characteristics of an effective teacher Positive expectations for students A good classroom manager Designs lessons for student mastery

16 Positive Expectations
Read, very important!!! Positive Expectations Teachers believe in students and that they can learn. p.10 Based on research it shows that the learner will produce what the teacher expects the learner to produce. p.10 “If you believe that a student is a high-ability, above average, capable learner, the student will perform as such because these are the expectations you transmit to the student.” p. 10

17 Positive Expectations
Two Important people…… Positive Expectations “Students tend to learn as little or as much as their teacher expects.” p. 40 For young people there are two very important people: PARENTS and TEACHERS p.42 Be a positive role model!!!!

18 Many teachers choose to teach they way they taught. Is this effective
Many teachers choose to teach they way they taught. Is this effective? Well that would depend on how you were taught, but in most cases no. Be sure to use as many tools as possible when teaching. Do your research and find interesting activities, don’t use the same activity year after year.

19 Effective Teachers Effective teachers communicate with their students and invite them to engage in conversations. Inviting students to have conversations with you are essential for getting students to succeed.

20 Inviting and Disinviting Communication
Inviting and disinviting communication can effect your students success Engage your students in conversations Show them that you care

21 Inviting Conversations
“Hi, How are you today?” “How was your weekend?” “Have a good day?” “Good Morning!” “How can I help you?” “I like the way you thought about that.” Always say please and I appreciate that “Thank you”

22 Inviting Conversations
ALWAYS address students by name. Say hello to them when you see them in the halls Show them you care and are concerned with what they are saying

23 Disinviting Comments Dr. Grinsalot says,

24 Conclusion Effective teachers have inviting conversations with students Effective teachers have positive expectations Effective teachers have successful students!!!!

25 Conclusion Three characteristics of effective teachers
Positive expectations, good classroom manager, and designs lessons for student mastery Four stages of teaching: Fantasy, survival, mastery, and impact

26 Conclusion This information should be beneficial when determining what kind of teacher characteristics that you feel you would like to emanate. Good Luck. Follow the next steps in Module 1 before moving forward. Dr. Grinsalot

27 Sources Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Clipart
Harry Wong book, “ The First Days of School”

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