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Red Blushed And All Cut Up

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1 Red Blushed And All Cut Up
Rhyme Scheme: the pattern of rhymes used in a poem, usually marked by letters to symbolize correspondences. Red Blushed And All Cut Up Talking to myself there A Someone had overheard B I was lost for a word B There was nothing to share A Embarrassed I was there A Left awkward and absurd B A broken wingless bird B With nowhere to fly there A Caught red faced there was I C Didn’t want to be seen D I just wanted to die C I just wanted to scream D I’m so terribly shy C Lost for words it would seem D

2 All have 14 lines iambic pentameter rhyme scheme
Sonnets: 3 kinds All have 14 lines iambic pentameter rhyme scheme

3 1) Petrarchan (pi-trahr-kee-uhn)
Italian Sonnet form From Francis Petrarch Often love poems 2 stanzas FIRST 8 lines… Octave… describes the situation…problem…question…idea abbaabba SECOND 6 lines…Sestet… the Turn describes a change in the situation….resolves…answers…drives home cdecde cdcdcd

4 2) Shakespearean Called English sonnet
3 stanzas of 4 lines (problem, ideas developed) Quatrain…4 lines abab cdcd efef 1 couplet 2 lines end rhymed gg The turn is often seen in the couplet (sometimes in third quatrain) Sums up or concludes the message

5 3) Spenserian Edmund Spenser created 3 stanzas of 4 lines
Quatrain…4 lines SAME STRUCTURE as abab bcbc cdcd SHAKESPEARIAN --- 1 couplet RHYME SCHEME 2 lines end rhymes DIFFERS ee abab bcbc cdcd ee (INTERLOCKING RHYME)

6 Sonnet 75 Edmund Spenser page 256
Analysis 1. Who is the speaker? 2. What is the tone? (lines 11-12) 3. What is the theme? (lines 11-12) What figure of speech is used? 4. Summarize the poem 5. What connection does the poem make between immortality and poetry? 6. Identify the couplet

7 Sonnet 130 William Shakespeare page 278
Analysis 1. What is the rhyme scheme of the sonnet’s first quatrain? 2. What is the speaker’s tone? 3. What general truth (also the theme) does the couplet suggest? 4. Summarize the poem 5. In his sonnets, Petrarch worshiped his mistress. Why has Sonnet 130 been called anti-Petrarchan?

8 Practice Answer the following questions using your notes and the help from your group. Each group will teach their poem to the class. 1. What is the title and author of the poem? 2. What is the structure? 3. What is the rhyme scheme? 4. What type of sonnet is the poem and why? 5. Who is the speaker? 6. What is the setting? 7. What is the tone? 8. What is the theme? 9. Give evidence of figurative language or of a literary term (simile, metaphor, imagery, paradox, couplet, turn)

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