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Sonnets Shakespeare.

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1 Sonnets Shakespeare

2 Sonnet 14-line poem written in iambic pentameter
Iambic pentameter=10 syllable lines with a stressed and then unstressed rhythm

3 Terms Sonnet- 14-line poem written in iambic pentameter
Iambic Pentameter-10-syllable lines with a stressed and then unstressed beat Stanza- a division in poetry, usually of more than two lines Sestet-a stanza of six lines in poetry Quatrain- a stanza of four lines in poetry Octave- a stanza of eight lines in poetry Couplet- a stanza of two rhyming lines in poetry Heroic Couplet- a stanza of two rhyming lines in poetry written in iambic pentameter

4 Form Sonnets are divided into two sections 1. Problem/Conflict/Dilemma
Presents the theme and raises an issue or doubt. The problem is not usually a physical problem, but more a moral or spiritual dilemma 2. Solution/Resolution Answers the question, resolves the problem, or drives home the poem’s point The transition between part 1 and part 2 is called the TURN; it helps move forward the emotional action of the poem quickly

5 Italian Sonnet Named the Petrarchan Sonnet after its inventor, Francesco Petrarch Generally refers to a concept of unattainable love Generally depicts the lady as a form of inspiration Rhyme Scheme= abba abba cde cde the cde cde pattern varies greatly from sonnet to sonnet; other common sestet forms are cde dce and cdc dcd

6 Italian Sonnet The conflict or problem is developed in the first 8 lines Referred to as the Octave The Solution/resolution is presented in the last 6 lines Referred to as the Sestet

7 English Sonnet Named after William Shakespeare, the most prolific sonnet writer of all time Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, a collection called his Sonnet Sequence

8 Shakespeare’s Sonnet Sequence
Shakespeare’s sonnets are divided into the following sections: 1-17—written to a young man, urging him to marry and have children so he can pass his beauty on to successive generations 18-126—addressed to the young man, expressing his love for him (Sonnets are referred to as the Fair Youth sonnets) written to the poet’s mistress, expressing his love for her (referred to a the Dark Lady sonnets) addressed to the Rival Poet (allegorical in nature)

9 Form Rhyme Scheme= abab cdcd efef gg
These sonnets are divided into 3 Quatrains (4-line stanzas) with a final couplet (2 rhyming lines of poetry) The final couplet is called a heroic couplet because it is written in iambic pentameter Problem/Conflict/Dilemma developed in the first 12 lines Solution/Resolution completed in the final 2 lines (the heroic couplet)

10 Themes Love Beauty Mortality Politics

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