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First Aid Check Call Care.

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1 First Aid Check Call Care

2 Shock Life threatening condition in which the body’s vital functions are threatened due to lack of blood flow or oxygen to body tissue. Symptoms: nausea, cool moist skin, rapid breathing and pulse, restlessness, unresponsive or unconsciousness. Call for help, elevate legs about 12 inches, control external bleeding, monitor vital signs, attempt to warm or cool victim if shock is due to temperature extremes.

3 Choking If victim is coughing, encourage them to continue
If choking continues ask if you can help Start with 5 back blows, if object is not removed perform 5 abdominal thrusts. Continue this cycle until the victim becomes unconscious If unconscious, start chest compressions

4 Open/Closed Fractures
If possible, do not move the victim Place appropriate splint (anatomic, soft, or rigid) Splint above and below injury sight If the fracture is open, elevate the limb and cover exposed bone with moist damp cloth

5 Bleeding Wear rubber gloves.
If wound is minor wash with soap and water. Cover wound with clean gauze or cloth and apply firm pressure. If possible elevate wound above heart.

6 Bleeding Continue to add bandages or cloth as blood soaks through.
If necessary cover dressing with pressure bandage. Use pressure points or tourniquet if bleeding can not be stopped.

7 Hyperthermia Pale clammy skin, heavy sweating, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, fainting. Move victim to shade or cooler area Loosen clothing Apply wet towels or ice packs wrapped in cloth Give sips of cool water ( ½ cup every 15 minutes Call EMS if condition does not improve within 30 minutes

8 Heat Stroke Temp. over 106, hot dry skin, constricted pupils, pulse over 100 BPM, confusion, unconsciousness Call for help Remove heavy clothing Have victim lie down Wrap in cool wet towels

9 Hypothermia Cool skin, shivering, numbness, slurred speech, change in level of consciousness Move victim to warmer area, call EMS if unconscious Remove any wet clothing Wrap in dry blankets Give warm drink if conscious If victim does not improve within a few minutes call for help

10 Frost Bite Handle Gently Remove tight clothing
Cover affected tissue (tissues need to be gently warmed, so the ice crystals will slowly melt) Soak the injured part in comfortably warm water, not hot water Loosely bandage area with gauze Seek medical help

Poison ALWAYS CALL FOR EMERGENCY HELP 911 INGESTED Determine what was swallowed Call Poison Control and follow directions Syrup of ipecac or activated charcoal should be available incase needed.

12 Poison Quickly get the person to fresh air Monitor Vital Signs
INHALED Quickly get the person to fresh air Monitor Vital Signs Call Poison Control and follow directions

13 Poison Remove contaminated clothing
SKIN Remove contaminated clothing Rinse skin with water for 15 minutes Call Poison Control and follow directions

14 Poison Flush eye with warm water for 15 minutes
Have victim blink while flushing eye Call Poison Control and follow directions

15 1st Degree Burns 1st degree burns only the top layer of skin.
Skin appears red and will feel hot. Treatment: Apply cool water for 10 min. Applying a cold wet towel will help reduce pain.

16 2nd Degree Burns Wrap area with dry bandage. Do not pop blisters.
2nd degree burns several top layers of skin. Skin will have blisters and appear blotchy Treatment: Apply cool water for 10 min. and elevate the burn. (If burn covers a large area do not apply water) Wrap area with dry bandage. Do not pop blisters.

17 3rd Degree Burns Serious burn in which deep layers of skin, and possibly fat, muscle, nerves, and bone are damaged. Elevate burned area if possible Cool burned area with cold water only if it is still burning. Wrap area with dry clean gauze or cloth. Treat for shock

18 Animal Bites Report animal bites to your local authorities. Treatment:
-Wash bite area with soap and warm water for 5 minutes. -Apply direct pressure to stop bleeding -If wound swells apply ice for 10 minutes -Cover wound with clean dressing and bandage

19 Snake Bite Call for emergency help Keep victim calm and immobilized
If you are the victim move slowly and as little as possible to get help. Try to get a good look at the snake and call poison control to determine if the snake was poisonous.

20 Bites and Stings Move to a safe area to avoid further harm
Remove stinger by scraping it off Wash area with soap and water and apply ice Apply hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion or baking soda paste to area several times a day until pain is gone If victim has a severe reaction or has trouble breathing seek professional help

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