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Emergency First Aid and CPR

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1 Emergency First Aid and CPR

2 NOTICE This presentation is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care or First Aid and CPR/AED training Always ask permission to treat Permission is implied if victim is unconscious or an unaccompanied minor

3 Universal Precautions
Use barrier precautions to prevent skin and mucous membrane exposure Treat everyone as if contagious

4 Emergency First Aid – Take Action
If you are the first person at the scene of an accident or severe illness, you may be called to act in providing care until professional emergency medical care arrives. Make sure the scene is safe! CHECK CALL CARE

5 Emergency – No Life Signs
Call 911 Is an AED machine available? IF YES, follow its directions If NO, begin the: ABC s of First Aid A irway – open airway B reathing – 2 breaths C irculation – 30 compressions s evere bleeding (control)

6 Emergency - CPR 30 compressions/2 breaths – 4 cycles
Check for life signs breathing pulse movement If none: repeat chest compressions/breaths

7 Emergency - Choking IF conscious – cannot cough or speak:
Lean victim forward – 5 back blows and 5 quick upward abdominal thrusts Continue 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts Until: object comes out person can breath or cough well person loses consciousness

8 Emergency - Choking IF choking victim loses consciousness:
- with victim on the floor, open airway - check for an object - remove if seen - attempt 2 breaths, if they go in follow steps of A B C s - if breaths do not go in – 30 chest compressions then 2 more attempted breaths Continue until object is removed, or EMS arrives

9 Severe Bleeding Elevate
Apply pressure with dressing – add additional dressings as needed – never remove existing compresses Treat around impaled objects – do not remove

10 Shock – Call 911 Victim should lie down if possible
Elevate legs inches if no head/spine injury suspected Maintain body temperature Maintain ABC s

11 Strains and Sprains “RICE”
R – Rest the injured area I – Ice, apply cold pack (don’t apply directly C – Compress, wrap snuggly but not too tight E – Elevate, above the heart

12 Burns Minor: 1st degree, 2nd degree Major: Cool the burn
Cover the burn Major: 3rd degree or 2nd degree over large % of body Call 911 Cover burn if possible Treat for shock

13 Severe Illness - call 911 If conscious, gather information:
Meds/food/drinks Skin color/temperature Allergies/ health issues Treat for Shock Maintain body temp. Assist with meds. Maintain A B C s Diabetic Emergency Seizure – prevent injury Poison/ Allergic Reaction Heart Attack Stroke – “F A S T” Asthma attack

14 Review: First Aid/CPR/AED
Call 911 whenever victim: is unconscious is not breathing is choking has persistent chest pain has bone or joint fracture / deformity has severe bleeding / internal injuries has severe burns has seizures / stroke or shock symptoms

15 Review You have reviewed the basic skills needed to recognize and give immediate care to a suddenly ill or injured person until more advanced medical care arrives.

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