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JOLTS Jacobs Online Talent System (JOLTS)

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1 JOLTS Jacobs Online Talent System (JOLTS)
Resume Profiles and Job Searching

2 JOLTS View all Jobs Search Jobs
Click on View all Jobs Search Jobs Log In Apply Set up a Job Alert Save this page to your favorites

3 Search for Jobs Select your search criteria Click on “Search ”
Keyword – i.e. Systems Engineer Requisition Number – 12938 Location – can select multiple State - can select multiple Segment - specific Open in the last # of Days - All, 7 or 30 days Click on “Search ” Only locations and states that currently have jobs will be listed.

4 Consider Job Descriptions
A list of jobs will appear Hover to read a portion of the job description Click on title to see the complete job description If you would like to apply, scroll to the bottom of the job description page If you already have a profile, log into your profile first using the Click here link Search Again with different selections?

5 You are logged in What would you like to do now?
Edit my profile and application ... Upload my resume ... Check the status of jobs I have applied for Search for new opportunities ... Logout To return to the original search page, click here.

6 Apply Submit if you are a new user You will be prompted to
Complete the online application Upload your resume Answer any job specific questions associated with the position

7 Completing Online Application
Contact information & Alternate Phone number Main number Cell number Security Clearance Willing to Relocate? Choose Geographical preferences North, South, East, West, Central, Outside U.S. Select first and second state choices

8 Education and Skills Provide Highest Level of Education Key Skills
Major or Concentration Technical certifications Licenses Registrations Professional/Technical Associations Provide Key Skills Experience Major Job Duties

9 Current Employment Current Job Title – list most recent Current Duties
Salary – Current and Desired Employment History Resume Business References Essential Functions EEO

10 Upload My Resume Note - Tips for Uploading Resumes
Click Browse button to select your saved resume Name your document – Name July 2010 Resume Click on Attach to upload and wait Left-justified MS Word documents work the best Use minimal HTML formatting Avoid using text boxes No text in headers or footers as this will not upload into the resume text field Our database utilizes the resume text area for a keyword search feature. As a result all formatting will be removed and the remaining text will be inserted into the resume text field. A complete copy of your resume with all formatting in place will be saved in a special file attachment area of your profile that is accessible by all recruiters and hiring managers.

11 Check the Status of Jobs
Job ID Job Status 754 Spring 2010 Internship Under Review 755 Co-op Student Position has been cancelled 2049 Systems Engineer Not Selected for Final Review 2561 Accepting applications 2749 Co-op 2876 MER - CFD Analyst 2889 Editor & Graphics Associate 3150 new test round 3258 Schedule Analyst 4413 Intern Position has been filled

12 ESTS Profile Indicators
Employment Status: prior employee/teammate Status: At Risk RRP to candidate explaining At Risk program Reachback Reserve Corps Alumni Corps Business Unit

13 Job Alert Agent Enter Name, Email and Password or Log In Search
Enter Name, and Password or Log In Search Job Category Job State Minimum Education Required Zipcode This tool will allow you to select positions, locations, and fields of interest. Jacobs will then send you new opportunities as they become available, customized for your interest and expertise. Please fill in the fields below to create your profile. If you already have a Jacobs profile, then log in.

14 JOLTS for Reserve Corps Members
Enter and Password Req # , Title Segment City, State Hiring Mgr Posting Date Reserve Corps members are involved in high priority assignments, on-going projects, intermittent work, and short-term assignments while others may be between assignments or enjoying retirement. The (JOLTS) for Reserve Corps Members allows you to view all Reserve Corps opportunities and Jacobs Technology openings so you can express interest in providing support. Search openings or taskings of employment opportunities or short term assignments. You can select from Reserve Corps Taskings or All Jacobs Technology openings. View or update your profile Upload a new resume any time you have changes or new information.

15 Need JOLTS Assistance? Use personal email address “Forgot Password”
If address and password need updating: If your address in your profile is a NASA address, please update with your personal address. * If you cannot remember your password, you can then click on “forgot password.” Enter your and select this, it will your password to you. * If your address in your profile is no longer working and you cannot remember your password, contact or one of us to update your address and reset your password

16 Jacobs Engineering Corporation
Select “Apply for a Job” Select an area – “United States” If it is your first time to the Jacobs Career site – Select “Register” Complete address and password and submit to continue Upload resume or create your resume online Search for jobs and apply Set up Job Alert

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