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Physical Development 3-6 yrs old Small Motor Large Motor Height and Weight Charts.

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1 Physical Development 3-6 yrs old Small Motor Large Motor Height and Weight Charts

2 Red book p.356

3 Red Book p. 354

4 Poor Nutrition will: Make it difficult to concentrate Increase infections Slow growth Make it hard to make decisions

5 Red book Pages 350 & 437

6 Motor Skill Development Improves: Body/Spatial awareness & coordination Balance: static and dynamic Throwing, Catching, Jumping Eye-Hand Coordination Ocular Tracking Social Contacts Rhythmic Expression/Creative Moves Imagination

7 Playing leads to motor skill development, good posture, dexterity Red book p. 441

8 Self Care Bathing: self by 3yr supervised, lower water temp., ~coordination Brushing: 18mo.checkup, fluoride strengthens outside, sealants prevent cavities Dressing: 3yr take apart put together, dexterity, flexibility Clothing: durability, comfort, economy, walk 1yr, put away4-6yr Sleep: 3yr no naps, routine, night light Toilet: 18mo+potty chair, encourage, sincere praise, training pants, think ahead, accidents Safety Gates: p372 stairs Thumbsucking: teeth, stress, don’t force stop

9 Developmental Reminders Handedness develops/5yr 4-6 grow 2.5-3in yr 4-5lbs 6 yr brain almost size of adult 6yr molars=1 st molars, permanent teeth won’t be replaced, lose bottom 2 1 st Over or under weight see a Dr. 6 yr start bicycles

10 Habits Temperament set by age 4 Don’t bribe to get results Bedwetting: occurs more in boys, cause by sickness, decreases by 5 4yr olds can cut but not write words Boys a little taller and heavier TV viewing p. 452

11 HS Name _____________PS Name _______Date 12-10-08 I=introduced P=progressing P=progressing M=mastery M=mastery Physical Development: Fine Motor Skills Checklist Ht.____Wt.____ I P M Comments I P M Comments 1. Places small pegs in pegboard (3) 2.Buttons large buttons (3) 3. Works a 3 or 4 piece puzzle (3) 4.Strings beads with ease (3)________________________________________________ 5.Puts together a 5-piece puzzle (4) 6.Works a 12+ piece puzzle(5)___ __________________________________________ 7.Forms a pegboard design picture (4) 8.Forms a variety of pegboard designs (5)______________________________________ FF mural/BB shapes (own rooms) 9. Cuts with scissors haltingly and pastes (4) 10. Draws a recognizable picture with crayons (5) 11. Holds a drawing utensil with whole hand (3) 12. Cuts and pastes creative design (5)_________________________________________ Cubbies/Recess 13.Puts coat on unassisted (3) 14.Buttons and zips haltingly (4) 15.Buttons, zips, ties shoes (5) 16.Puts coat on a hanger or hook (4)__________________________________________ Playdough 17.Pounds and rolls dough (4) 18.Creates recognizable objects with dough(5)__________________________________ Sink Area 19.Holds a cup with one hand to drink (4) 20.Spreads cracker with peanut butter /pours own liquid(4)­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________ 21. Builds a tower with nine or ten blocks (3) 22.Stacks blocks vertically and horizontally (4) 23.Creates recognizable block structures—ship, castle (4) 24. Creates Tinkertoy and block structures (5)__________________________________ Reflections of the day:

12 HS Name _____________PS Name _______Date 1-05-09 I=introduced P=progressing M=mastery Physical Development: Large Motor Skills Checklist I P M Comments HALL/OUTSIDE 1. Catches a ball with both hands against chest (3) 2. Throws a ball five feet with accuracy (3) 3. Catches and throws a small ball (5) 4. Bounces and catches a small ball (5) 5. Throws, catches and bounces a large ball (4) _______________________________________________________________________ 6. Rides a tricycle (3) 7. Rides a tricycle around the circle with speed, w/o running in to anyone or anything (4) 8. Stands on one foot and balances briefly (3) 9. Balances on one foot 5 seconds (4) 10. Walks a straight line forward and backward (4) _________________________________________________ ____________________ 11. Walks a balance beam (4) 12. Walks a balance beam forward and backward (5) 13. Hops on both feet several times without assistance (3) 14. Hops on one foot (5) 15. Skips on either foot (5) ____________________________________________________ __________________ 16. Runs freely with little stumbling or falling (3) 17. Skips rope haltingly (4) 18. Skips rope (5) 19. Slides down yellow slide (3) 20. Hammers with some skill, wearing goggles (5)______________________________ BEST BUDDIES 21. Climbs by alternating feet/ holding on to a handrail (3) 22. Climbs steps with alternate feet without support (4) 23. Descends stairs by alternating feet (5)______________________ _______________ Reflections of the day:

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