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The Giver Chapters 19-23 Test Review.

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1 The Giver Chapters 19-23 Test Review

2 Chapter 19 What did Jonas have access to? To view releases
Where did he receive the video? The Hall of Closed Records

3 What did dad do? He injected the one twin with a chemical to kill him What happened to Rosemary? She wanted to be released. She decided to inject herself.

4 Chapter 20 What is Jonas upset about?
He is upset because of what his father did and lied about it. What do the memories represent? Memories represent things that happen in the past.

5 When the memories were released from Rosemary, what happened to everyone?
Their memories returned and they all panicked. Why doesn’t the Giver want to leave with Jonas? People won’t know how to deal with the pain and would need his help

6 Why did Jonas’s heart break?
His heart broke because The Giver can no longer see color. What was The Giver able to do that others can’t? Hear beyond

7 What memory does Jonas want The Giver to keep?
The memory of music Why won’t Jonas’s parents ask where Jonas is? It will seem like they are not good parents

8 Chapter 21 What was the feeling Jonas felt after leaving his house? Why did he feel this way? He felt sad because he was leaving a good friend (Asher) behind. Why did Jonas take Gabriel when he escaped? He wanted to save him. He did not want Gabriel to be released.

9 What was Jonas most terrified of?
Planes What did the planes do? They had heat-seeking devices to find people since they did not see in color.

10 Chapter 22 Gabriel thought he saw a plane. What was the object? How did Jonas feel when he realized what it was? Gabriel really saw a bird. Jonas was relieved when he found out it wasn’t a plane. How did Jonas feel when he saw surprises on the road? He was shocked and amazed.

11 If Jonas decided to stay in the community, he would not be hungry for food. What would he be hungry for? Jonas would be hungry for love, feelings, and color.

12 Chapter 23 Who was the one person Jonas wanted to share love with?
Gabriel Jonas became aware that people in Elsewhere were waiting for him and Gabriel.

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