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1 Study Guide

2 The Giver Chapters 1-2 Directions: While you are reading, take Cornell Notes on the following questions. Leave some spaces in between for class discussion notes. What word does Jonas decide use to describe his feelings? Why? Why is the speaker’s tone ironic? What does he say? What are Jonas’ parents’ jobs? What are children under eight years old and younger not allowed to have until they are nine? What does Jonas’ family do every evening? What is Precise language? How is the term “animals” used? What does “usages” mean? Who are newchildren? What is the December Ceremony? What is an assignment? What is the Hall of Open Records? What is a comfort object? What is the Book of Rules? What are some of the rules? What happens when one breaks a rule? What happens to birthdays after the age of 12? Why do people laugh about “changing rules”?

3 The Giver Chapters 3-5 Who is Gabriel (Gabe)?
What feature does Gabe and Jonas share? How is it described? Why is this feature uncommon? What may it suggest? What are Birthmothers and how are they viewed? How are people chastised or reprimanded? Why did Jonas take the apple? What is ironic about volunteer work? What is the purpose of volunteer work? What is the purpose of the House of Old? Why is “meaningful lives” ironic? What is the morning ritual and what is its purpose? What does Jonas dream about? What is the result of Jonas discussing his dream?

4 The Giver Chapters 6-8 What are the people preparing for?
What type of rules does each peer group must follow? What are some of the gifts the children receive? What is significant about them? What label is Gabe given? What does Asher’s family receive? What is unusual about it? Who was the original Caleb? How are names recycled? Who is number 19? Why? Who says, “Here today, gone tomorrow”? What is the significance? How is the Chief Elder’s speech ironic? Why does Jonas try to make himself smaller in his seat or want to disappear? Who is selected as the Receiver? Why is this an honored position? What qualities does the Giver must possess? What does Jonas see when he looks out into the audience? What does it mean to have the Capacity to See Beyond? At the end of the section, how does Jonas feel about being the new Receiver of Memory?

5 The Giver Chapters 9-10 How does Jonas immediately feel at the end of the ceremony? Who is “Not-to-be-spoken”? What does it mean to have that name? What is most shocking about the instructions Jonas receives? Examples? What does Jonas learn about “lies”? Who changes Jonas’ name plate on his bike? What can be done with the doors at the Annex? Why are books kept away from the citizens? What do they represent? What feature does Jonas share with the current Receiver of Memory? What is relief-of-pain medication? What is the future based on? What is blind obedience?

6 The Giver Chapters 11-12 Jonas’ first memory
Climate Control and terrain Jonas’ first painful memory “Seeing beyond” Understanding pain Morning ritual Foreshadow : Something laid “beyond the place where the thickness of snow brought the sled to a stop…” Genetic Scientists Sameness and Choice leads to _______? Jonas’ anger

7 The Giver Chapters 13-15 “It isn’t fair…” p.97
Sameness, Choices and Protection Memories of excruciating pain Death Pain > Freedom vs. Security Jonas tries to transmit memories “This is my life,” p.103 “They know nothing,” p.105 Relief-of-pain medicine “They have never known pain,” p. 110 Memories and Wisdom Twins Jonas and Gabriel “Forgive me,” p.120

8 The Giver Chapters 16-19 Tidbits of happiness
The Giver’s favorite memory Parents’ parents can be found where Holiday celebration Family and the strongest feeling “Do you love me?” p. 127 First lie The pill “Good guys/bad guys” Twins and their fate Rosemary Rosemary’s release, memories, and the community Release

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