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Title: The giver Author: Lois, lowry Date/year published: 1993 Type of book: Fiction.

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1 Title: The giver Author: Lois, lowry Date/year published: 1993 Type of book: Fiction

2 The setting of The Giver is an isolated group cut off from the outside world, which is called, ”Elsewhere.” At first, the community doesn’t seem all that different from our world. They have houses, schools, a rest home, and a child care center the community seems like an utopia. As you read on you find out that the town people have no war, disease, hunger, or lasting pain. That’s where you become suspicious.

3 Gabe is one of the children being “nurtured.” His weight is inadequate and is in danger of being “released.” Gabe can’t see color unlike Jonas and The Giver. Jonas, the main character of the novel is careful about his language. Jonas is apprehensive about the approaching ceremony when he turns twelve and gets his assignment/job for the community. The giver is fair-eyed, like Jonas, and like the previous receiver, a girl named Rosemary. The Giver claims Rosemary as his daughter who was “released.”

4 Jonas lives in this community where people have no feeling and they can’t see color. Everyone is basically the same except for The Giver and the Receiver of Memory. Gabe is in Danger of being “Released” and Jonas’ father lies to him about his job. Jonas starts to hate his community.

5 The Receiver of Memory, Jonas runs away with Gabe letting all the memories back into the minds of the town people. Jonas and Gabe run away so that Gabe isn’t “released” and from the end of the book we don’t know if they survived the winter of December.

6 I loved the book! I don’t think you can read the book and put it down. One of my Favorite books, and if you can relate it to real life if think about it.

7 1. Lois lived in Tokyo 2. She wrote The Giver based off of her actual experiences 3.Lois was born in Honolulu, Hawaii 4.Her father fought in World War Two 5.Lowry spent the years of World War Two in Pennsylvania

8 1. Do you think the methods that the community will make it a better place to live? 2. What happens when your twelve? 3. Why do you think the nurturers made Jonas’ family sign the contract about Gabe? 4. What is the first color Jonas sees? 5.Why do you think the community lets abnormal kids die?

9 Jonas, who lives in a weird society and who, until the age of twelve has lead a peaceful normal life. The community’s rulers see to it, for example, that every member of his nameless, timeless community occupies a productive role in the society. The Giver develops out of Jonas’ changing perceptions towards his community after he is selected to be the Receiver of Memory and discovers that nothing about his community is what it seems to be.

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