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1 Soccer

2 Positions on the field Goalie: Keeps the ball out of the goal Also called goalkeeper. Forwards: Attack the opposition to create scoring opportunities. Take the majority of shots. Also called attackers. Midfielders: Enable the transition from the fullbacks to the forward. Constantly in motion, both defending and attacking. Also called halfbacks. Defense: Also called fullbacks, provide the last line of defense before the goalie. Stop the opposition before a shot is taken.

3 Terminology Corner kick- if the ball is kicked out of bounds along the end line by the defensive team. Goal kick- if the ball is kicked out of bounds along the end line by the offensive team. Hand ball- when the ball hits any part of a players hand or arm. This results in a indirect kick. Indirect kick- Another player must touch the ball before a goal can be attempted. Direct kick- A player can kick a goal without anyone touching it. If there is a tripping penalty is called on the field, a direct kick will take place.

4 Game Play The game always starts with a kickoff
Kickoff must be passed backwards to a teammate??????? After the kickoff anyone can play the ball at anytime. Try to remain in your positions until a goal is scored. Once a goal is scored, you may switch positions. If you are a defender (fullback) you do not have to stand by the goal box the entire time. You can move up the field as the ball moves up the field.

5 Game Play -Players can not score from their defensive end of the field
-If the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines, it is a throw-in. Throw-ins should be overhead with two hands.

6 Field Set-up Change this

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