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Flag Football The following are the flag football rules and practices used at Thompson!

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1 Flag Football The following are the flag football rules and practices used at Thompson!

2 Scoring Touchdown = 6 points Safety = 2 points PAT = 1 point (for run) PAT = 2 points (for pass)

3 Player Positions Offensive players and their major responsibilities: Center- hikes the ball to QB and blocks Guards- line up at each side of the center and blocks Wide receivers- line up at the ends of line and run routes down the field to catch a pass Quarterback- receives the ball from the center and directs the play by passing or handing off Running backs- assist the QB by blocking or receiving a handoff to run or throw *all offensive players are eligible pass receivers and can be involved in passing plays

4 Defense Defensive players line up to cover the playing field by guarding the offensive players. They attempt to prevent them from running or passing the football for a first down or score.

5 The Line Up Defense XX XXXX _____________ line of scrimmage (LOS)____________________________ wide recieverguard center guard wide reciever QB Offenserunning back

6 Today’s Activity: Groups of 3 Positions: QB, Center, Wide Receivers Drill: center snaps the ball to the QB while the WR runs down the field for a pass from the QB Rotate: center-QB-WR-center

7 Kick-off The football is punted from the 20 yd. marker Teammates must remain behind the ball until it is kicked The ball must go 10 yd. or it is rekicked If the ball goes out of bounds it is played from the yard line where it went out

8 Punts The receiving team can catch the ball or cleanly field it from the ground and run The kicking team may touch the ball to down it and stop play The ball is played from where it stops if it is not touched

9 Down Play The offense has 4 chances to advance the ball to the next zone Once a team reaches the next zone, it is a 1 st down with 4 more chances If the team fails to reach the next zone, it is a turn of on downs The defense gets the ball at the spot where the offense had possession

10 Punt or Play On the 4 th down the offense declares to the defense if they are going to punt or play Punt to improve their field position Play to use the last down to get to the next zone

11 Score Touchdown is when the football is carried or caught in the end zone PAT point(s) lines up on the 3 yd. line and has one chance to move the ball into the end zone Scoring team kick to the opposing team after the score using the kick-off rules

12 Passing The QB or any other player may pass the ball forward from behind the LOS The ball may be passed laterally (to side) or backward from any place on the field

13 Incomplete Pass A thrown football that is not caught The play goes to the next down It is played from the previous LOS

14 5 Second Rush Rule Defense must count 5 seconds before crossing the LOS Once the QB crosses the LOS or hands off to another player, the 5 second rush rule does not apply

15 Dead Ball: Play stops when: Defense pulls flag of ball carrier Turn-over-on downs Fumble Out-of-bounds Score Penalty Incomplete pass

16 Penalty Any contact is illegal!! (pushing, tripping, tackling) Flag guarding Pass interference Unsportsmanlike conduct Offsides Failure to follow 5 second rule **may result in loss of 5 yds.

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