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ROAD ACCIDENT FUND VENDOR BRIEFING SESSION RAF/ 2012 /00021 Date: 30 July 2012 Time: 10:00.

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1 ROAD ACCIDENT FUND VENDOR BRIEFING SESSION RAF/ 2012 /00021 Date: 30 July 2012 Time: 10:00

2 AGENDA Background Mandatory Documents Evaluation Criteria Disqualification of bids Submission of bids Contact Details Purpose of the RFB Questions and Answers

3 Background RFB: RAF/2012/00021: PANEL OF ATTORNEYS FOR THE ROAD ACCIDENT FUND (RAF) TO PROVIDE SPECIALIST LITIGATION SERVICES Advertised on 13 July 2012 Closing on 20 August 2012

4 Background The RAF wishes to list suitably qualified legal firms from all provinces to provide specialist litigation services as per the following category: 1. Magistrate Court / Regional 2. High Court 3. High Value Matter (± R3 million) Bidders must submit a separate bid for each category.

5 Mandatory Documents Standard Bidding Document (SBD) Tax Clearance Certificate Bid Conditions BEE certificate

6 Evaluation Criteria Evaluation will be based on the following: Technical Functional Mandatory (Comply or Not Comply) – Bidders who do not meet the mandatory requirement will be disqualified. Technical Functional Requirement (100 points) BEE Evaluations (10 points)

7 Evaluation Criteria Mandatory requirements A Partner or a Director must have five years experience on third party claims. As proof, please furnish company profile detailing when the firm was established, for how long it has been in operation and the experience of the partner or director The lead personal injury attorney must have in excess of five (5) years post admission experience Note: The lead attorney refers to the principle attorney of the firm or head of the personal injury department. Please furnish CV’s of the lead attorneys.

8 Evaluation Criteria Mandatory requirements The Service Provider must provide a certificate of good standing not older than 6 months, from the appropriate Law Society in respect of each attorney who will deal with the RAF. The Service Provider may not act for any claimant against the RAF after entering into the attached Service Level Agreement. The Service Provider must furnish a valid certificate of its Fidelity Fund. The bidders must confirm that they have read and understood the terms and conditions set-out in the attached Service Level Agreement (Annexure G) which include terms and conditions that the bidder must accepts, in the event that the RAF awards a contract to the bidder pursuant to this bid.

9 Evaluation Criteria Mandatory requirements The Service Provider must furnish a certificate of insurance in respect of professional liability to the value of not less than R20 million on appointment of the panel. Note this is only applicable to High Court and High value matters

10 Page 10[Insert presentation title] Functional criteriaPoints Civil Litigation Personal injury Negotiations and drafting skills SLA satisfaction Infrastructure Track Record Total 20 30 10 20 10 100 Technical Evaluation Criteria

11 Disqualification of bids Bidders shall be disqualified if they fail to: Submit a valid and original tax clearance certificate Complete questionnaires in full Submit true and correct information Comply with mandatory requirements Comply with prescribed response format

12 Page 12[Insert presentation title] Original signed bid document and Proposal clearly marked and indexed with all pages numbered 2 hard copies, submitted in a sealed envelopes. Submission Address:  RAF Menlyn Reception  38 Ida street Menlo Park Pretoria Submission of bid responses

13 Page 13[Insert presentation title] Bid responses sent by courier must reach the reception at least 36 hours before the closing date to be deposited into the bid box Submission Register must be signed at the reception by bidder when submitting bid documents. Important note: Please ensure that the attendance register has been signed Name of company Contact details Late bids will not be considered NOTE: Bidders must submit responses for each category separately and clearly marked e.g. Annexure F 1 Magistrate Court. Submission of bid responses

14 Contact Details All queries must be forwarded to and Enquiries and clarification will close not later than 08 August 2012 @ 11H00.

15 Main Services Required Advice on the RAF Act and related legislation Assist in investigating claims Advice on the use of medical and other experts Opinions on merits and quantum Negotiating settlement with claimants’ attorneys Representing the RAF in Court Representing the RAF at taxation of bills of cost Any other civil litigation required by the RAF

16 Assessment of Technical Criteria

17 Technical Criteria Threshold CUT-OFF 165/90 LEGAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE60 Civil Litigation20 Personal Injury Law30 Negotiation and Drafting10 INFRASTRUCTURE20 Hardware 4 Software4 Communication 4 Document Services4 Premises4 SLA SATISFACTION10 CUT-OFF 270/100 REFERENCE CHECKS10

18 Thank you Questions and Answers

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