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ROAD ACCIDENT FUND COMPULSORY BRIEFING SESSION RAF/2014/00009 Date: 26 March 2014 Time: 11:00.

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1 ROAD ACCIDENT FUND COMPULSORY BRIEFING SESSION RAF/2014/00009 Date: 26 March 2014 Time: 11:00

2 AGENDA Background of the RFB Purpose of the Bid Scope of work Evaluation Criteria Mandatory Documents Disqualification of Bids Submission of Bids Contact details Questions and Answers

3 Background RAF/2014/00009: Request For Bid : RAF requires the services of a highly experienced and established service provider to configure and implement a SAP e-recruitment system. Published on 14 March 2014 Advertised on 16 March 2014 Closing on 9 April 2014

4 Page 4[Insert presentation title] PURPOSE OF THE RFB  The RAF seeks to appoint an established Service Provider to configure and implement a SAP e- recruitment system.  The recruitment process is decentralized in all the RAF regional offices and each office has Human Capital Management department and the Head Office has Shared Service department.  The Human Capital department receives a huge number of Curriculum Vitae (CV’s) per advert, with limited resources at its disposal.  The organization currently has +200 new vacant positions and these positions are advertised on the RAF website with approximately 15 positions advertised on a weekly basis and approximately 700 applications received for junior positions.  Background of the project RAF/2014/00009

5 Page 5[Insert presentation title] SCOPE OF WORK  Refer To The Scope Of Work In The Bid Document

6 Page 6[Insert presentation title] EVALUATION CRITERIA  The evaluation criteria will be based on the following requirements:  Mandatory (Comply or Not Comply) – Bidders who do not meet the mandatory requirements will be disqualified.  Technical Functional Requirement (100 points).  Price and BEE Evaluations (90/10 points).  Bidders scoring 60 points out of 100 points on functional / technical criteria will be further evaluated on Price and BEE.  EVALUATION CRITERIA AND METHODOLOGY RAF/2014/00009

7 Page 7[Insert presentation title] MANDATORY EVALUATION CRITERIA MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS RFP/2013/00001 MandatoryComplyNot Comply The bidder must provide proof in a form of a certificate that they are SAP accredited on SAP e-recruitment and state the level of their accreditation MandatoryComplyNot Comply The bidder must confirm that they have read and understood the terms and conditions set out in the attached Service Level Agreement (Annexure… which terms and conditions the bidder accepts, in the event that the RAF awards contract to the bidder pursuant to this bid. The bidder must confirm that they have complied with the requirement set out in the footnote to clause 1.6 of schedule of Annexure G by submitting with the bid: A.A proposed Pricing Schedule B. A proposed pricing Schedule

8 Page 8[Insert presentation title] MANDATORY EVALUATION CRITERIA RAF/2014/0009 MandatoryComplyNot Comply Failure by the Fund and the successful bidder to conclude a contract within fourteen (14) days following the issuing by the Fund of the award letter to the successful bidder, will result in the bid being deemed to be non-responsive which will then entitle the Fund to consider other responsive bids and award the tender to another bidder or bidders. MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS

9 Page 9[Insert presentation title] Functional criteriaPoints Proposal should cover the following :  Projects The service provider must be able to provide project list of the past three (3) years of implementing the SAP e-recruitment system and also the value of the implementation and the size of the companies should be similar as RAF or above. Number of Projects Points 1 5 2 10 3 15 4+ 20  K-level Experience The service provider should be able to provide k-level of consultants from k3 upwards certificate with relevant CV’s.  Methodology The service provider must provide a project plan and follow an ASAP methodology for implementing the SAP e-recruitment system  Training strategy The service provider should be able to provide full technical and functional onsite training to the RAF teams. o Bidders must provide training documents ( 5 points) o Bidders must provide proof of implementation of similar project (5 points) 20 10 Technical Evaluation Criteria

10 Page 10[Insert presentation title] Technical evaluation criteria cont…. RAF/2014/00008 Functional criteriaPoints  Track record Bidders are requested to send the attached reference questionnaire to three (3) of their clients where similar services were rendered and attach the completed reference check questionnaires to the bid response. Track record will be scored as follows (Please refer to the bid document) Bid must make sure that the reference questionnaire is signed and the contact details are fully completed. The contact details must include the contact number and the e-mail address of the referee as this information will be used by the RAF to verify all references submitted  Experience of the company The bidder must have configured and implemented successfully the proposed solution (e- recruitment) in one company which is similar size as the RAF. Please attach a letter from the client that confirms that the bidder has successfully implemented the solution. o 3 – 5 years experience 10 points o 5 – 7 years experience 15 points o 8 – 10 years experience 20 points 10 20

11 Page 11[Insert presentation title] Technical evaluation criteria cont…. Functional criteriaPoints  Experience of the resource The resource proposed to be used on the project must have three (3) years of experience in implementing the proposed solution. o K3 level experience 10 points o K4 level experience 15 points o K5 level experience 20 points 20

12 Page 12[Insert presentation title] Mandatory Documents Standard Bidding Document (SBD) Tax Clearance Certificate Bid Conditions BEE certificate

13 Disqualification of bids Bidders shall be disqualified if they fail to: Submit a valid and original tax clearance certificate Complete questionnaires in full Submit true and correct information Comply with mandatory requirements Comply with prescribed response format

14 Page 14[Insert presentation title] Original signed bid document and Proposal clearly marked and indexed with all pages numbered. One (1) original and two (2) hard copies, submitted in a sealed, clearly marked (RAF/2014/00009) envelope, to the address provided below. Bidders are requested to submit the pricing schedule on a separate envelope. Submission Address :  Road Accident Fund  Eco Glades Reception (Block F)  420 Witch-hazel Avenue, Centurion, Pretoria  CLOSING TIME : 11:00 am (PER THE CLOCK AT THE RAF RECEPTION) Submission of RFB responses

15 Page 15[Insert presentation title] Bid responses sent by courier must reach the reception at least 36 hours before the closing date (9 April 2014), to be deposited into the Bid box. Submission Register must be signed at the reception by bidder when submitting bid documents. Important note: Please ensure that the attendance register has been signed Name of company Contact details Late response will not be considered Submission of Bid responses

16 Contact Details  All queries must be forwarded to  Enquiries and clarification will close on the 31 March 2014 @ 11H00.  Q and A pack will be published on RAF website on 1 April 2014.

17 Thank you Questions and Answers

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