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ROAD ACCIDENT FUND VENDOR BRIEFING SESSION RFP: RAF/ HO /00216 Presenter: Busi Sehloho and Amelia Rawstorne Date: 28 October 2011 Time: 10:00.

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1 ROAD ACCIDENT FUND VENDOR BRIEFING SESSION RFP: RAF/ HO /00216 Presenter: Busi Sehloho and Amelia Rawstorne Date: 28 October 2011 Time: 10:00

2 Overview Background Evaluation Criteria Submission of bid responses Disqualification of bids Procurement Administration Purpose of the RFP Questions and Answers

3 Page 3[Insert presentation title] Background RFP: RAF/HO/00216: Request for proposals for Communication, Activation and Public Relations Services Advertised on 21 October 2011 Closing on 21 November 2011

4 Page 4[Insert presentation title] Evaluation Criteria Evaluation will be based on 90/10 PPPFA system CriteriaPoints Price90 Participation goals10 Total100

5 Page 5[Insert presentation title] Evaluation Criteria Functional criteriaWeighting s Experience and expertise in providing similar services. Please provide a minimum of three reputable, contactable reference where similar services were delivered) Who have you worked with before in the market; The quality and range of previous partnership. Does the bidder have a formal network that can be called upon to provide additional or specialist resources. Development and implementation practices in the field of Communications, Activations, PR and media (include company profile) 30%

6 Page 6[Insert presentation title] Functional criteriaWeightings Delivery Capability Can the bidder provide the complete range of services required? Services Project management Support Design capabilities Quality deliverables Can the bidder produce evidence of good quality work Resources Are there enough to execute the work Is there contingency in resource planning Would the bidder be able to deal with the unexpected Provide specific names off resource allocated with relevant five (5) years minimum experience. (include CV’s of proposed resources) Geography Is there an appropriate geographical presence to execute the project, if not please elaborate how you would deliver. 40% Evaluation Criteria (continue)

7 Page 7[Insert presentation title] Evaluation Criteria continue Functional criteriaWeightings Supplier Culture Professionalism Flexibility and commitments – how well will they handle schedule upset, changes to requirements? Open and friendly – how open are bidder is about problems faced and overcome, are they suitable discrete about their client Integrity – does the bidder stand by their offering, are they happy to be financially and technically checked. Understanding of the fund. 10% The service provider must be active in business for a minimum period of three years or more; Please provide a company profile. 5% Presentation Creativity Demonstrate design/plan and implementation of an event 15% Total100%

8 Page 8[Insert presentation title] Original signed bid document 4 hard copies Submitted in sealed envelopes Each schedule must be clearly distinguish, indexed and all pages numbered Submission of bid responses

9 Page 9[Insert presentation title] Disqualification of bids Bidders shall be disqualified if they fail to: Submit a valid and original tax clearance certificate Complete questionnaires in full Submit true and correct information Comply with mandatory requirements Comply with prescribed response format

10 Page 10[Insert presentation title] Administration RFP Closing Date: 21 November 2011 @11H00 Venue: RAF Menlyn Reception 38 Ida street Menlo Park Pretoria Bid responses sent by courier must reach the reception at least 36 (thirty six) hours before the closing date to be deposited into the bid box Submission Register must be signed at the reception by bidder when submitting bid documents Late bids will not be considered All queries must be forwarded to Enquiries and clarification of technical issues will close not later than 4 November 2011 @ 11H00. Important note: Please ensure that the attendance register has been signed Name of company Contact details

11 Page 11[Insert presentation title] Objectives The purpose of the RFP is to invite interested and qualified bidders to submit proposals for the right to provide the services to RAF in connection with the Marketing and Communication, as set out in this document To achieve success in respect of our Marketing & Communications objectives, the RAF requires the services of a highly experienced Communications & Activations Agency, which will interact with various customer groupings (i.e. all users of South African roads) within their respective environment(s). The agency must possess an in-depth knowledge and experience in Marketing and Communications. The RAF differentiates between ‘Events’ and ‘Experiences’. Events involve activations that attract/reach 2 000 people or more, whereas ‘Experiences’ involve less one-on-one contact (e.g. participation in and sponsorship of the Comrades and other activities). Both serve to heighten awareness around the RAF’s service offering. In addition to existing activations, the successful bidder should be in a position to motivate for participation in other events, such as walking, cycling, transport and road safety campaigns.

12 Page 12[Insert presentation title] Project Overview The following activities normally take place at full-blown activations: Branding; Educating the general public on the RAF’s service offering; Checking the claims status; Distributing RAF information brochures; and Enquiries on existing claims

13 Page 13[Insert presentation title] The successful bidder should: At least design, plan and implement 15 events in every province per year, and design, plan and implement 10 different experiences in all the provinces per year. In addition, the bidder should demonstrate creativity in terms of design, planning and execution of proposed activations (in terms of both events and experiences). Taking into consideration the different marketing, activations, promotions and media channels. Have the necessary financial resources to allow for the production of branding collateral and promotional items that are either generic or event-specific. Demonstrate their ability to collaborate with traditional leaders, national, provincial and local government, and other influential stakeholders. Provide a report within three days after each event, showing the data collected in terms of claims initiated, queries addressed, RAF information pamphlets distributed and estimated number of people reached during the activation. The successful bidder shall be required to provide the services as contained in the RFP document, such services to be delivered in accordance with instruction issued by the RAF from time to time. Project overview (continue)

14 Page 14[Insert presentation title] Thank you Questions and Answers

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