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U.S. Imperialism In Asia & Latin America Chapter 27 review.

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2 U.S. Imperialism In Asia & Latin America Chapter 27 review


4 Hawaii


6 Why did the US want Hawaii? Good climate Fertile soil (sugar) Good place for navy base & ship stops Hawaiians are uncivilized & needed help

7 How did America Influence Hawaii? 1886 Bayonet Constitution forced King Kalakaua to sign at gunpoint –Limits kings power –Gives U.S. control of Pearl Harbor

8 Queen Liliukokalani takes over after Kalakua dies * wants independence U.S. calls in the Marines In 1898 U.S. annexed Hawaii- becomes a state in 1952





13 China Boxer Rebellion 1899- 1901 –“Righteous Fists of Harmony” (Boxers) –Stopped by Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Japan. Each hoped to divide China among themselves

14 Open Door Notes  Open Door Policy- John Hay/ President McKinley 1900 –Opens trade ports to all nations –Lets China collect tariffs (taxes)


16 Mexico Mexican gov. headed by Porfirio Diaz Encouraged foreign investments Americans owned oil, mines, railroads and ranches in Mexico

17 Mexico 1911 Mexican peasants/workers led by Francisco Madero overthrew Diaz & promised a democratic government

18 Victoriano Huerta takes over 1914 Huerta’s officers arrest American soldiers…later release President Wilson invades Mexico Huerta steps-down and Carranza becomes President and is backed by the U.S.

19 Mexican Revolution Rebels Francisco “Pancho” Villa and Emiliano Zapata opposed Carranza “better to die on your feet then to live on your knees” Zapata Villa

20 Wanted Dead or Alive Villa invites Americans to Mexico to engineer mines Has them killed 15,000 American soldiers sent to capture Villa… unsuccessful As conflict emerges in Europe (WWI) U.S. makes peace w/ Mexico


22 Panama French wanted a new trade route 1880’s began 50mile canal across Panama –10yrs + 20,000 lives + $280million= give up! 1903 U.S. try to save canal plan –U.S. -- $10 mil for 6 miles and $250k yearly rental for 99years Only issue …Panama was a providence of Columbia = a revolt

23 Benefits of the Panama Canal



26 Review of U.S. Foreign Policy Roosevelt- Big Stick Policy Monroe Doctrine- –Named U.S. as protector of Western Hemisphere –“Protected” interests in Latin America Roosevelt Corollary- non intervention in Latin America Taft’s Dollar Diplomacy-“substituting dollars for bullets”

27 Fighters of Imperialism Fidel Castro (Cuba) Che Guevara (Cuba) Jose Marti (Cuba) Emilio Aguinaldo (Philippines) Francisco Madero (Mexico) Francisco “Pancho” Villa (Mexico) Emiliano Zapata (Mexico) Boxers (China)

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