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New American Diplomacy

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1 New American Diplomacy
Chapter 7 Section 3

2 New American Diplomacy
Teddy Roosevelt mediated peace, acquired Panama Canal Zone Taft and Wilson worked on US trade and influence in Latin America

3 Open Door in China US concern was commerce not conquest
“sick man of Asia” with vast potential Foreign invaders create “Spheres of Influence” China’s feelings? US? McKinley and John Hay issues Open Door Policy Open Door Policy

4 Boxer Rebellion Secret societies of resistance formed to rid China of foreigners Boxers killed 100’s in embassies Imperialist troops march on capital, rescue foreigners and squash rebellion Boxer Rebellion US would protect free trade in China

5 3 American Beliefs US believed the growth of our economy depended on Exports US had the right to intervene abroad to keep foreign markets open Closing an area to American products, citizens, or ideas threatened US survival * Increase world peace by displaying US Power…

6 Panama Canal Long term goal of trade route to Asia was achieved
Building the US Panama Canal Route thru Panama was challenged by Columbia (Panama was province) US supported Panama’s revolt Sign treaty: US paid $10 million, annual rent ($250,000) Opened in 1914, US controlled until 1999 How Locks Work

7 Foreign Policy Latin America
Roosevelt Corollary (added to Monroe Doctrine) stay out of Latin America – use force to protect economic interest Monroe Doctrine “Big Stick Diplomacy” Dollar Diplomacy- replaced European loans with US loans

8 Latin American Interests
Missionary Diplomacy Moral responsibility to deny LA gov’t we viewed as oppressive, undemocratic, or hostile to US interest Pressure to establish democracies

9 Crisis In Mexico Mexican Revolution tests missionary diplomacy
Victoriano Huerta seizes control of Mex. Gov’t Gov’t of Butchers is not recognized by US “Watchful waiting” Incident-“Mexico arrests US sailors, US invades port city (close to war)

10 Rebellion in Mexico Venustriano Carranza becomes new president in 1915
US recognizes gov’t Some Mexicans reject new gov’t “Pancho” Villa upset with US, kills Americans Wilson orders John Pershing to capture Villa (in Mexico) Carranza wants US out, War is imminent European conflict interrupts possible conflict

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