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Anatomical Terminology

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1 Anatomical Terminology
Section 1.7

2 Do Now Try your best to write a sentence for each of the following words. When possible, use anatomical parts in the sentence. - Anterior - Posterior - Superior - Inferior - Dorsal - Ventral -

3 Objectives To explain relative body positions and be able to use them in describing body parts. To identify the 3 types of body planes. To locate the different body regions.

4 “Anatomical Position”
Body is standing erect Upper limbs at sides Palms forward

5 Relative positions 1. Superior: 2. Inferior: “above”
Ex: your nose is superior to your mouth 2. Inferior: “below” Ex: your mouth is inferior to your nose

6 Relative positions 3. Anterior/ventral: 4. Posterior/dorsal:
“in front” Ex: your eyes are anterior to your brain 4. Posterior/dorsal: “in back” Ex: the pharynx is posterior to the oral cavity

7 Relative positions 5.Medial: 6. Lateral:
Closer to the center of the body Ex: your nose is medial to your eyes 6. Lateral: Farther away from the center of the body Ex: your ears are lateral to your eyes

8 Relative positions 7. Proximal: 8. Distal:
body part that is closer to a point of attachment to the trunk than another body part. Ex: the elbow is proximal to the wrist 8. Distal: Body part that is farther from a point of attachment to the trunk than another body part. Ex: the fingers are distal to the wrist

9 Relative positions 9. Superficial: 10. Deep: Near the surface
Ex: your epidermis is the most superficial layer of skin. “superficial wound” is on this surface. 10. Deep: Describes parts that are more internal than superficial parts. Ex: the dermis is the deep layer of skin. A “deep wound” would be more problematic and possibly require stitches.

10 Other similar terms 11.Cranial: 12.Caudal: 13. Ipsilateral:
Toward the skull/head 12.Caudal: Toward the tail 13. Ipsilateral: on the same side 14. Contralateral: on the opposite side

11 Other similar terms 15. Prone: 16. Supine:
Lying down facing down (on your stomach) 16. Supine: Lying down facing up (on your back)

12 Body sections 1. Saggital 2. Transverse 3. Coronal
Divides body into left and right portions lengthwise 2. Transverse Divides body into superior and inferior portions 3. Coronal Divides body into anterior and posterior portions

13 Guess the Planes: coronal, sagittal, or transverse?

14 Body Sections and Planes
Cylindrical Object Bone or organ A) Cross section B) Oblique section C) Longitudinal section

15 Body regions Terms describing different areas of the body…
Fill the terms in on your diagram as we go through them! 1. Abdominal- region between thorax and pelvis 2. Acromial- point of the shoulder 3. Antebrachial- forearm 4. Antecubital- space in front of the elbow 5. Axillary- armpit 6. Brachial- arm 7. Buccal- cheek 8. Carpal- wrist 9. Celiac- abdomen

16 Body regions continued
10. Cephalic- head 11. Cervical- neck 12. Costal- ribs 13. Coxal- hip 14. Crural- leg 15. Cubital- elbow 16. Digital- finger 17. Dorsal- back 18. Femoral- thigh 19. Frontal- forehead 20. Genital- reproductive organs

17 Body regions continued
21. Gluteal- the buttocks 22. Inguinal- groin 23. Lumbar- lower back 24. Mammary- breast 25. Mental- chin 26. Nasal- nose 27. Occipital- lower back of the head 28. Oral- mouth 29. Orbital- eye cavity 30. Otic- ear 31. Palmar- palm of hand 32. Patellar- front of knee 33. Pectoral- chest

18 Body regions continued
34. Pedal- foot 35. Pelvic- pelvis 36. Perineal- region between anus and external reproductive organs. 37. Plantar- sole of foot 38. Popliteal- area behind knee 39. Sacral- posterior region between hip bones 40. Scapular- shoulder blade 41. Sternal- middle of thorax, anteriorly (sternum) 42. Tarsal- instep of foot 43. Umbilical- navel 44. Vertebral- spinal column

19 Body regions continued
*The next terms are NOT in your textbook but you are still responsible for them. 45. Hallux- big toe 46. Pollex- thumb 47. Calcaneus- heel bone 48. Sural- calf 49. Fibular (peroneal)- side of lower leg 50. Manual- hand

20 Anterior view (Front)

21 Posterior view (Back)

22 Abdominal region The abdominal region can be separated even further.

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