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The Gospels: Four Portraits of Jesus

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1 The Gospels: Four Portraits of Jesus

2 (A) Mark’s Gospel: Written around 70 A. D
(A) Mark’s Gospel: Written around 70 A.D. The earliest and shortest Gospel Possibly written by John Mark, a companion of the Apostle Peter Written for the church in Rome and for Gentiles Often recognized as the Gospel of Action where Jesus is on the move Stresses the humanity and suffering of Jesus (The Passion and The Cross) Portrays Jesus as the suffering servant Messiah Messianic Secret: Jesus’ followers take some time to catch on to who Jesus is, and when they finally do, Jesus tells them to keep it a secret, given their expectations of the Messiah

3 (B) Matthew’s Gospel: Written around 85 A. D
(B) Matthew’s Gospel: Written around 85 A.D. (The Bridge connecting the OT & NT) Written by a Jewish author for Jews who were converting to Christianity Stresses Jesus as the fulfillment of promises made by God in the Hebrew Scriptures Demonstrates Jesus’ role as teacher and preacher (RABBI) Discusses the responsibilities of Jesus’ followers

4 Matthew and Luke Infancy Narratives Genealogy Beatitudes:
MT: Infancy Narratives with magi     Genealogy traced to Abraham Sermon on mount  LK: Infancy Narratives with shepherds     Genealogy traced to Adam Sermon on plain

5 (C) Luke’s Gospel: Written around 85 A. D
(C) Luke’s Gospel: Written around 85 A.D. (The only Gentile Evangelist) Possibly written by a Gentile doctor for Gentile Christians Stresses the following themes: The universality of the Christian message, by showing the inclusion of outcasts  (women, poor, and sick people) Jesus’ compassion, mercy, and concern for sinners The miracle stories emphasize Jesus’ compassion for those who are suffering The central role of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life The Gospel of Luke is the first of a two-volume work, the second being the Acts of the Apostles focusing on the time period from the Ascension to the Pentecost and St. Peter’s role in the early Church

6 Mark, Matthew, and Luke are referred to as
The Synoptic Gospels Mark, Matthew, and Luke are referred to as  the synoptic gospels because of their similar portraits of Jesus. Synoptic: seen with the same view or ‘eye’

7 (D) John’s Gospel: Written around 95 A.D.
John offers a unique portrait of the Divinity of Jesus Probably written by followers of the Beloved Disciple Presents Jesus as "the Word of God" Stresses the incarnation similar to the creation story in Genesis (In the Beginning) Emphasizes faith initiated by God Builds on poetic and memorable images of Jesus "I am" statements Only Gospel to include Jesus washing the Apostles feet at the Last Supper Jesus forgiving Peter

8 The Gospels: Evangelists spreading the good news!
The core belief of Christianity is the Resurrection (A) MARK (B) MATTHEW (C) LUKE (D) JOHN

9 The Gospels: Synoptic Gospels (A) MARK (B) MATTHEW (C) LUKE (D) JOHN

10 The Bible Old Testament Pentateuch Historical Wisdom & Poetry Prophets
New Testament Gospels Acts of the Apostles Letters Epistles Revelation

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