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Scripture: A Portrait of Jesus

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1 Scripture: A Portrait of Jesus
7th grade Chapter 3

2 Gospel – good news All books were written by 125AD
Testify to the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus Jesus is Son of God, is Messiah, Savior that was to be expected Written after Pentecost Inspired by the Holy Spirit God is the real author of the Gospels Living Word of God

3 Others may have done writing and editing but credited evangelists
Q German for quelle which means source

4 Gospels 4 accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus
Meant to be pictures of Jesus’ life Each author : Wrote what he thought most impt. Wrote for a certain audience But say same message,”Jesus is the Messiah”

5 We are not certain who wrote the Gospels Tradition gives credit to:
Matthew Mark Luke John Evangelists – proclaimers of the Good News.

6 Mark was the first Gospel writer
Writers for Matthew and Luke took material from Mark and from another source – Q Synoptic Gospels – same view

7 John’s Gospel Last written Written in different style that of a poem
Contains speeches and stories not found in the other books

8 Mark 63-70 AD Companion of Peter Written for persecuted Christians
Portrayed Jesus as a man of action and suffering

9 Matthew 80-100 AD apostle Written for Jewish converts
Used quotations from Old Testament b/c followers understood them Portrayed Jesus as a teacher and the new Moses

10 Luke 70-90 AD Greek doctor Companion of Paul
Written for Gentiles (non Jews) Infancy stories Portrayed Jesus as Savior and friend of all

11 John 90-100 AD Apostle Written for Christians defending their faith
Poetic, symbols and reflective writings Portrayed Jesus as the Son of God and Giver of life.

12 Inspiration – action of God which moves people to communicate what God wants made known using their own Background Culture Language Style

13 Other Inspired Books Acts of the Apostles – Luke tells the story of the early Church -begins with Ascension of Jesus -tells how first Christian communities were formed -Peter realizes that the Holy Spirit is calling all people of the world.

14 Paul – persecuter of Christians
- He is converted -becomes greatest missionary for Jesus -he establishes Christian communities around the Meditteranean -

15 Letters (Epistles) Most written before the Gospels
Most written by Paul who never met Jesus Other letters Peter John James Jude Stories of issues the Church had to face

16 Revelation Last book of the Bible Uses symbols to tell a story
Very hard to understand Encourages us to believe in Jesus especially in times of suffering

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