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JR Raybold, Principal Tracy Edwards, Assistant Principal Created by: Lisa Snow School Counselor.

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1 JR Raybold, Principal Tracy Edwards, Assistant Principal Created by: Lisa Snow School Counselor

2 Bullying is a form of REPEATED Aggressive, Intentional or Deliberately Hostile Behaviors.

3  Name calling  Teasing or playing tricks  Rumors, Gossip  Put Downs, Insults  Starting lies about another  Threatening looks  Excluding others  Pushing  Tripping  Taking things from others  Threatening  Insulting Race or Gender  Intimidating  Cyberbullying  The list can go on...

4  Only boys are bullies  People get over it  Bullying is just teasing  Victims ask to be bullied  Telling about bullying is tattling  Bullying is normal

5 Stafford County recognizes bullying as a serious offense. It is discussed and outlined in the Students Code of Conduct. If a student is found guilty of bullying behavior, corrective action must be taken. This includes a range of actions such as warning, suspension or expulsion depending on the seriousness of the incident, prior incidents, and the need to protect the victim and others from future bullying.

6 “Stafford County Public Schools is committed to creating a safe, caring, respectful learning environment for all students. Bullying of students occurring in the schools is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. For the purpose of the policy, “school” includes school buildings, school grounds, school-sponsored social events, trips, sporting events, buses, and bus stops. Reported incidents of bullying will be investigated promptly and thoroughly by school administration. Character Education programs shall address the inappropriateness of bullying.” Policy 7-7 Regulation 7-7

7  Our principals and teachers talk to students about the harm bullying can cause and how they can help.  Each class participates in guidance classes about bullying and what to do whether they are the victim or the bystanders  Each student receives the Conway Bully Free Pledge and every member of our student body signs their class pledge to be bully free.  Students can refer themselves to the counselor if they see or are having a problem with bullying.

8  Talk to your child about bullying.  Watch for signs loss of appetite, Restlessness not wanting to go to school.  Ask if you think your child is being bullied.  Encourage your child to report bullying to Teachers counselors, or the administration.  We’re all in this together and together we can make Conway Bully Free !

9  Report bullying at school to teachers, counselors, or the principal/ assistant principal  Talk to your parents  Ignore the bully or don’t react  Walk away  Be assertive, but don’t get into a physical or verbal fight.  Hold your head up, show confidence in yourself  Use humor.  Stick with a friend when going to and from school, during class changes, and lunch time.

10  Don’t watch quietly or cheer or laugh at the bullying  If you know the bully, take him/her aside to say how you feel and that they should stop.  Get other bystanders to stand up to tell the bully to stop with you.  Get the bully’s target away from the bully and ask them to join you and your friends.  Report the bully to a trusted adult.  Reach out to the target and be a friend.

11 We promise to be a buddy and not bully others. We will help students who are being bullied. We will include students who are left out. We will report any bullying we know about or see.

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