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Bullying is Unfair One-sided

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1 Bullying is Unfair One-sided
Happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening or leaving someone out on purpose

2 Facts on Bullies Most common places for bullying to occur: Hallways
Bathrooms Lunchroom Bus Gym Bus line or bus stop

3 What exactly is considered bullying?
Teasing Name calling Mocking Spreading rumors Threatening to harm others Damaging their belongings Demanding favors, money, or objects from them Leaving them out of activities

4 Who is the Bully? Usually charming in public and around adults, but cruel in private They will deny their bullying actions to those in authority They often have low self-esteem, and it makes them feel good to put others down Are often popular kids OR They are themselves victims of bullying

5 What Can You Do? Students should say “That is not okay.”
Seek adult help Befriend students they see being bullied. Never participate or watch.

6 Three R’s of Bullying Recognize Bullying Refuse Report

7 Questions to Ask: Is it fair? How does it feel?
Does it keep happening?

8 Refuse Bullying Act confident Keep your cool Be assertive Stay SAFE
Hold your head up Look them in the eye Keep your cool Ignore them Walk away Tell yourself to stay cool Be assertive Use Humor Tell them “no thanks” Tell them to stop and leave you alone Stay SAFE

9 Reporting Bullying WHO: is involved? WHAT: occurred?
WHEN: did it happen? WHERE: did it happen?

10 Bystanders and Bullying
Refuse to join in – don’t laugh at mean jokes or join a crowd who is making fun of someone else Stop the bullying – tell the person that what they are doing is bullying and to stop Befriend the person being bullied – all of us need some support, especially when someone is upset and scared Look out for the person being bullied – everyone needs to know that their support network is strong; don’t let the person be alone Report the bullying – what’s going on is wrong and may be against rules; adults can take more action to stop it

11 Bullying vocabulary: Copy into your notebook
Abuse- language that condemns or vilifies usually unjustly and angrily Ally- to unite or form a connection or relation between Bully- one habitually cruel to others who are weaker Bystander- one present but not taking part in the situation or event Clique- a narrow exclusive circle or group of people Cyberbulling- the electronic posting or mean-spirited messages about a person (such as a classmate) often done anonymously.

12 Bullying vocabulary: page 2
Friend- one attached to another by affection or esteem Harass- (1) to annoy persistently (2) to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for, especially by uninvited or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct Self-esteem- a confidence and satisfaction in oneself Respect- high or special regard Teasing- to disturb or annoy by irritating or provoking in a petty and mean way Victim- one who is injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions

13 Vocabulary Words in sentences
It is abuse to call people names and make fun of their clothes and friends. Finding an ally, somebody who will stick up for you, in the cafeteria or on the bus will make you feel stronger. A bully can hurt your feelings by teasing, mocking, calling you names, or spreading rumors. Do not be a bystander, take action by getting help. It is often the members of the popular clique who think they can bully the other kids. Notice who they are and stay away from them. Facebook is a common place for cyberbulling. Do not become friends with people who are not nice to you, and show their posts to adults who can help you. Make friends with people who only like you for yourself.

14 More sentences People who harass others are bullies, and make life unpleasant for them. Bullies do not have respect for others, and probably do not respect themselves. Those with low self-esteem, who do not have confidence in themselves often become bullies or victims of bullies. If someone tells you that you just cannot take a little teasing when you are being bullied, ask them if they would enjoy being teased all day long. Do not become a victim of bullying. Find a trusted adult, join with a friend, get an ally, turn the tables and see a counselor before you let it get to you. There are others who care and will help you.

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