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Teasing and Harassment

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1 Teasing and Harassment
Autrey Mill Middle School Presented By: Mrs. Zebarjadi 2009/2010 School Year

2 Autrey Mill MS Definition Of Teasing and Harassment…..
Teasing and Harassment is any mean or harmful behavior that is done on purpose. Teasing and Harassment is when one or more people repeatedly harm, bother, intimidate, annoy, or exclude others. Teasing and Harassment is behavior that continues even after the bully is asked to stop.

3 What Are The Types of Teasing and Harassment?
Verbal Abuse: teasing, name-calling, mocking, taunting and put-downs Emotional Cruelty: spreading rumors, gossip, and manipulating others Intimidating: frightening or applying power over someone, pressuring Excluding: Rejection, isolation, or leaving someone out Physical Violence: hitting, tripping, kicking, pushing, slapping, spitting, choking, taking or defacing another’s property, and physical acts that demean and humiliate

4 Other Types Of Teasing and Harassment…
Electronic Bullying: Behaviors that occur over cell phones or via the Internet Sexual Harassment: This is a specific form of harassment directed toward someone’s sexual identity or behavior. This type of harassment can be physical, emotional, or verbal

5 Why do People Tease or Harass?
To feel powerful To gain self-esteem Because he/she is being bullied by someone else To get revenge Just to be mean To get attention

6 What To Do If You Are Being Teased or Harassed…
Stay in control and stay respectful Ignore it Be funny Leave or walk away Stand up for yourself Get help from friends Get help from an adult Tell yourself positive things and realize you don’t deserve it Change the subject

7 What is a Bystander? A bystander is a person who sees teasing and harassment and has the power to get involved, but doesn’t. They are often afraid to get involved because they don’t want to be the next victim or they don’t know how to help.

8 What To Do If You See Someone Being Teased or Harassed…
Don’t encourage the bully’s behavior Help the victim stand up for him or herself Talk with the victim about reporting the incident Report the incident yourself

9 You can make a difference!
Don’t Be a Bystander! Don’t take part in teasing or harassment: Don’t laugh Don’t stay to watch Don’t pass on rumors Tell an adult Support the person being bullied You can make a difference!

10 Reasons Not To Tease or Harass…
Bullying is NEVER okay. How would you feel if someone bullied you? You do not have the right to hurt others. Fear does not equal respect. You will get in trouble less. Bullying is AGAINST THE LAW in Georgia.

11 How AMMS Handles Teasing or Harassment…
1st Offense= discussion and possible consequence with teacher 2nd Offense= counseling referral 3rd Offense and any problems there after= office referral with consequences that go on your permanent record

12 Questions? If you have questions after leaving here today, please see Mrs. Zebarjadi, Mrs. Flickinger, or a teacher. Each of you is now responsible for remembering this material and following the related school rules. Reminders can be found in your student agenda and in the Fulton County discipline handbook. Always remember: School should be a comfortable and safe place for ALL students!

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