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1 Cancer

2 Cancer- uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells
Body’s cells are constantly growing and dividing Most new cells are normal but some are not

3 How Cancer Harms the Body
Tumor- Abnormal mass of tissue that has no natural role in the body Some are benign- noncancerous Do not spread Can be harmful if they interfere with normal body functions Ex block blood supply


5 Cancer cells can kill normal body cells
Tumors that are malignant, cancerous, spread to other tissues and spread through blood and lymph Metastasis- the spread of cancer from the point where it started to other parts of the body Cancer cells can kill normal body cells They compete for nutrients with the body’s cells

6 Types of Cancer Lymphomas- cancers of the immune system
Leukemias- cancer of blood forming organs Carcinomas- cancer of glands and body lining Includes skin and line of digestive tract Sarcomas- cancer of connective tissue Bones, ligaments, and muscle


8 Most common organs affected are Skin, Breast, Prostate, Lung, Colon, Mouth, Cervix

9 Risk Factors for Cancer
A faulty gene may be inherited (5-10% of caner is inherited) Majority of cancer is caused by exposure to risk factors Carcinogen- cancer causing substance Ex cig. Smoke and ultraviolet rays


11 Tobacco Use Tobacco use is the major cause of cancer deaths and the most preventable Second hand smoke Also increases risk of bladder, pancreas, and kidney cancer 43 different carcinogens have been identified in tobacco and tobacco smoke


13 Smokeless tobacco- causes oral cancer which affects the lips, mouth, and throat
Kills 1 person every hour

14 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes cervical cancer Hepatitis B causes liver cancer Reduce risk of these by abstaining from sexual contact

15 Dietary Factors Diets high in fat and low in fiber linked with cancer
Fats make colon cells divide more rapidly which increases risk of cancer cells Fiber speeds the movement of waste through the intestines so carcinogens have less time to act on cells

16 Radiation UV rays from sun or tanning bed= main cause of skin cancer
A tan is the body’s response to being injured by UV rays Avoid tanning beds! Limit time in the sun if possible esp. between 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM When outside where sunscreen or long sleeves


18 Pay attention to changes to skin ABCDs of melanoma
Asymmetry (an imaginary line drawn through center of a mole does not produce matching halves) Border Irregularity- Suspect moles have irregular edges (not smooth) Color- intensely black, blush tint, or uneven color Diameter- wider than a pea


20 Reducing Your Risk Abstaining from sexual contact Be physically active
Eat nutritious foods- fruits, vegetables, fiber, low in fat Protect skin from UV rays Avoid tobacco and alcohol (increases risk of stomach and mouth cancer) Be aware of warning signs

21 Warning Signs- American Cancer Society
Changes in bowel habits (loose stools or constipation) Sore throat that does not heal Unusual bleeding or discharge Lump in breast Difficulty swallowing Obvious change in moles Nagging cough or hoarseness

22 Detecting and Treating Cancer
Early detection of cancer is most critical factor in successful cancer treatment Self examination Medial screening Biopsy- the removable of a small piece of tissue for examination to determine if cancer was present


24 Treating Cancer Depends on type of cancer of how much it has spread
Surgery- removes cancerous tumors Radiation therapy- radioactive rays kills cells and shrinks cancerous mass Chemotherapy- uses chemicals to destroy the cells Immunotherapy- activates immune system to recognize cancer cells and destroy them



27 Remission- a period of time when symptoms disappear
Hormone Therapy- using medicine that interferes with the production of hormones Remission- a period of time when symptoms disappear When cancer responds to treatment Can reoccur

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