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MNA M osby ’ s Long Term Care Assistant Chapter 38 Cancer, Immune System and Skin Disorders.

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1 MNA M osby ’ s Long Term Care Assistant Chapter 38 Cancer, Immune System and Skin Disorders

2 Cancer Out of control cell growth Causes a tumor

3 Cancer MalignantCancerous BenignNon-cancerous MetastasisSpread of cancer to other areas

4 Cancer Cancer can occur almost anywhere Skin is common site

5 Risks Factors for Cancer Growing older Most occur in those over age 65

6 Risks Factors for Cancer Tobacco Smoking,snuff, chewing tobacco and second-hand smoke

7 Risks Factors for Cancer Sunlight Causes early aging of the skin and can lead to skin cancer

8 Risks Factors for Cancer Radiation X-rays, radon gas, radioactive fallout

9 Risks Factors for Cancer Chemicals Paints, pesticides, other chemicals

10 Risks Factors for Cancer Viruses, bacteria Can increase risk of certain cancers (cervical, liver, lymphoma, Kaposi sarcoma

11 Risks Factors for Cancer Hormones Replacement therapy can increase risk for breast cancer

12 Risks Factors for Cancer Family history Certain cancers occur in families (melanoma, breast cancer, ovary, prostate, colon cancer)

13 Risks Factors for Cancer Alcohol Certain cancers increase with increased alcohol consumption

14 Risks Factors for Cancer Poor diet, lack of physical exercise, obesity High fat diet increases risk of colon cancer. Obesity increases risk of breast, colon, esophagus, kidney and uterine cancer

15 Signs of Cancer Changes in bowel or bladder A sore throat that does not heal Unusual bleeding or discharge Thickening or lump in breast or any other part of body Indigestion or difficulty swallowing Obvious change in warts or moles Nagging cough or hoarseness

16 Treatment Depends on type of Cancer Cure, control or reduce symptoms Surgery Radiation Chemotherapy Hormone Therapy Biological Therapy Removes tumors Kills cells, (both cancer cells and normal cells) Drugs that kill cells, (both cancer cells & normal cells) Prevents cancer cells from using hormones needed for growth Helps immune system fight cancer

17 Cancer -Resident Needs Pain relief Rest and exercise Fluids and nutrition Skin care Elimination needs Spiritual needs Social needs

18 Immune System Disorders Immune system protects body from microorganisms, cancer, other harmful substances

19 Immune System Disorders Autoimmune Disorders: Attacks body ’ s own normal cells, tissues, organs Graves Disease Lupus Multiple Sclerosis Rheumatoid Arthritis Type I Diabetes

20 Immune System Disorders Acquired Immunodeficiency Disorder: AIDS Caused by virus – HIV Spread through body fluids Bloodborne transmission Symptoms? As with any other infectious disease, always follow Standard Precautions Bloodborne Pathogen Precautions

21 Skin Disorders Shingles Herpes zoster Caused by virus that causes chicken pox Rash or blisters develop Pain, itching, tingling

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