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Chapter 9 Store Design and Visual Merchandising.

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1 Chapter 9 Store Design and Visual Merchandising

2 Store Design Influence customers before entering store
Positive effect on customers Customers want to explore the store Created to project store image Store layout is a factor in the sale in how customers move through the store

3 Store Image - Personality of the store
Components of store image: type of merchandise/service quality sales associates design and layout bags and packaging colors of the store décor store fixtures/equipment lighting music scent

4 Store Image Ambiance - the character and atmosphere of a place.
Image should serve to remind customers what is unique and special about the store

5 Store Design Retailers hire professional store designers, experts in customer traffic patterns Begins with customer’s first impression of the store: Store’s Exterior Front Windows Front door Store sign

6 Front Windows Window used to display merchandise
Arranged nicely in a pleasing pattern Attract customers to want to go into the store Clean and well lit



9 Front Door Invite customers to walk through Color and style
Project same image as store

10 Store Sign Consistent with design element
Recognizable and designed with colors and fonts coordinated with overall image

11 Interior Store Design Encourage customers to browse and feel comfortable Target customers; Example, teenage store should portray teenage image Selling Space Most important of the interior space, selling space is what customers remember, include store elements such as color of walls and flooring, different fixtures

12 Fixtures are permanent or moveable that hold displays

13 Behind the Scenes Behind selling space, Receiving and marking area
Merchandise storage area Supplies storage area Office area Mechanical necessities area for heating and a/c

14 Store Layout An arrangement of the store’s merchandise, fixture, and equipment. Effective layout encourages customers to move from one area to another and through as much of the store Longer customer stays in store, more likely it is for them to make a purchase. Goal = Maximize each square foot of the selling space


16 Best Merchandise Forward
Main principle when determining merchandise placement. Place best merchandise near entrance of store or seen from escalator.

17 Impulse Purchasing Place where customers can see them and easy to buy
Inexpensive Not much thinking

18 9.2 Visual Merchandising The integrated look of the entire store and is composed of all the visual aspects of a store. Effectively uses all components of store image Should always reflect the image retailer wants the store to project

19 Display Presentation of merchandise
2 Main Purposes of any specific display: 1. Promotional Displays – designed to sell merchandise. Ex. Arrival of spring clothing line 2. Institutional Displays – designed to generate goodwill for the store. Ex. Holiday display window in NYC- tells a story, seasonal spirit

20 Interior Displays 2 goals: attract customers’ attention and to encourage customers to buy merchandise Display Styles Open Closed Room-setting Point of sale Store decoration

21 Open Display Shelves and racks Allows customers to browse, touch, feel
Ex. Belts, Jeans, Shirts

22 Closed Display May hold merchandise that is very valuable or very fragile Customers may still touch, feel, hold merchandise however under supervision Ex. Jewelry, Watches, Expensive ties

23 Room-Setting Display Allow customers to visualize how merchandise will look in their home

24 Point of Sale Used for impulse merchandise Near cash register
Customer decides to buy the merchandise at point of sale Usually low price, so it is easy for customers to add to purchase

25 Store Decoration Promote a season or holiday

26 Display Props Decorative Props- enhance merchandise being displayed
Functional Display Props- hold the merchandise of a display Shelving Hanging Pegging Folding Stacking Dumping

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